Tuesday, November 08, 2011

repurposed drawer


I bought a small two-drawer dresser last year and the sad sorry thing has just been sitting in the basement, waiting desperately for a makeover. Although, after spending only $5 on it, I don't feel so bad. The drawers don't fit quite right anymore though, so I plan to paint it all and use baskets for storage instead of the drawers. So now I have two lone drawers. What to do, what to do...I know! I'll turn them into sliding under-the-bed storage. Genius! So with a bit of paint, a drawer pull and some wheels, I now have a tidy place to store extra anything. Blankets, magazines, fabric etc. These would be great for kids toys too, like all those legos no one ever wants to put away.

I really should have painted the sides, but I was feeling lazy:

Neatly tucked away:

Had an empty hole left from the previous handle, so I filled it with some scrapbook paper:

Voi la! Just paint, screw in the wheels {I had to use a small piece of pine board on the inside for support} and add your hardware of choice.


daisygirl said...

I came across a website, don't know if you've seen it yet or not. Take a gander at ikeahackers.net
Some great ideas for repurposing ikea stuff or making it over into something else!

Tara said...

What an awesome idea! I just came across this post (linked from another site I was reading.) I'm always looking for ways to repurpose items...will have to try this out sometime.

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