Sunday, August 29, 2010

time for a little girly


so i've been feeling the side effects of the renovation insanity. i get dirty and sweaty and ride in a truck and wear safety goggles. needless to say i need a little girly thrown back in there. this is a favorite new dress of mine. a friend picked it out of the clearance rack and even though it was 2 sizes too big, i decided to give it a chance. well, as luck would have it, it fit.
i fitted it with a black silk flower pin made from the previous craft night and paired it with some great black heels and voi la!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

it begins!

So it's been busy busy around here! well since we got the keys on monday (well not literally because i guess HUD never gives you actual keys, you have to have locks changed immediately), we have been busy! I've already started attacking the millions of weeds that have taken over the landscaping and the driveway and we spent tuesday night together pulling out carpet. Who carpets over hardwood floors anyway?? Anyway, i'm heading there now to do more more more! here's a pic of the husband with the sign he immediately pulled out and the progress we made together in just one night...


Monday, August 23, 2010

very exciting

we FINALLY have our house closing today at 3! we both can't wait to get those stinkin' keys! but the more we talk about our 'plans' the more i realize there is a LOT to do...still, it feels good to actually be able to get started.

Friday, August 20, 2010

winner winner AND craft night 3.0


So thank you to EVERYone who wished me birthday wishes. I know that even though I bribed you all with a gift, you really meant it from the heart. And thanks to everyone who follows this crazy nonsense pay-attention-to-me blog. I hope i've inspired someone to make something cute sometime. That's the goal here people.

So no more suspense, the winner of this lovely chalkboard plate {don't worry the real one i'm sending doesn't have all those crazy cracks in it, but i had already written on this one and was too lazy to redo on the actual plate} IS:


Send me your mailing address to and fast, so you can get this asap! I mean, they're pretty fun, and I may even include something else just for fun...
SO for OPEN CRAFT Night 3.0 We'll be following this tutorial. I have several scraps of silk {unless you want to bring a specific color}, so really all you need to bring is:

hot glue gun {or borrow from someone who brings one}
buttons, brads, beads etc for inside decoration

We're also spraypainting anything you bring with my handy dandy chalkboard spraypaint, so hopefully you guys have found some great finds this week...I have everything we need, you just bring the 'object'.

Looking forward to seeing some of you tonight!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

down on the farm


i got to spend a couple of days with this crazy chic. we spent the day visiting a real working farm here in a beautiful part of connecticut.... got to feed things, pet things and take pictures of things. i'm still a little groggy this morning, so i'll just say it in pictures.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

BloG BiRTHdAy!!

So i've never really thought about my blog birthday. In fact, just looking through the settings and archives today, I realized that my 6 YR BLOGiversary is TODAY. Yep, today. 6. yrs. ago. I can't even believe it myself. You'd think i'd have more followers by now {wink wink}.

So in order to get you guys out of the woodwork, yet again {you guys are silent AND sneaky}, i'm offering you a bribe. And a good one. Cause you know i've been in a crafting frenzy lately. So here's what you do:

Comment on this post for entry.
Cross your fingers {you don't have to hope to die}.
Check back on Friday when I announce the winner and the prize.

So wait, if it's MY birthday why are you all getting a gift? hmm...

etsy shopalicious

so the etsy shop is having a slow opening. i mean, i'm still selling to friends who just pick things out on friday nights and hand over the cash {and who wouldn't be totally ok with that...} but in the land of the internets it's a bit more staggered. the good news is that the everything pouches seem to be the big sellers and i've got about ten more in the works with some great awesome cute fabrics.

one good thing is that i keep getting individual listings added to treasuries. i'm not sure what that all means but i'm pretty sure free advertising and driving foot traffic to my shop will always be a good thing. so here's the treasuries i've been listed in, and maybe you'll just happen to find some adorable etsy find you can't live without. i'm always one for aiding shopoholism.

so here
and here
and here too.

also, supposedly our house closing is in the works. should be next monday...i'm beyond excited. and i've got a couple of possible work things in the mix, so it's all falling into place, slowly but surely...

Monday, August 16, 2010

open craft night version 3.0


ok marybeth, the fabric worked! so a friend 'donated' some fabric to me a couple of months ago and remnants of silk were used to make these flowers using this tutorial.

i was really happy with how easy and fast this is. i think the crafty ladies will love making these, so i'm putting them on our agenda this week. i'll have a supplies list up soon, but you won't need much! I turned mine into pins and headbands, but the possibilities are endless. perhaps a ponytail tie? anyway, here's to a gloomy monday...

Friday, August 13, 2010

the story of a two dollar chair


so here's what i did. i honestly had no idea how i was going to get the chair seat off of the base, but turns out it was as simple as 6 screws. once i had it separated, i peeled off that nasty vinyl covering and hot glued a new soft piece of bamboo batting over the whole thing. then with your help i decided on the lotus fabric and cut my piece to fit.
i gave the already beat up paint job a bit more distressing with some sandpaper. so now it looks more deliberate. then i stapled the fabric over the seat, being careful to pull tight and keep everything centered the way i wanted. once that was done {which surprisingly took the longest thanks to a testy staple gun} i finished off and hid the edges with some adhesive ribbon i found on clearance.
once it was all ready, i put the chair back together and basked in my awesomeness. seriously though, for a total of about 5 dollars, i have a stylish new chair for my sewing table. hopefully i can make it all work in the new place. thanks for everyone's input on it, it was really a split decision between the two fabrics!


Thursday, August 12, 2010

open craft night version 2.0!


so tomorrow is the second night for the open craft-along and i wanted to keep this week's project simple and cheap. AND it's very easy to share supplies on this one.

tomorrow night we will be stamping. so there are certain supplies you will NEED to bring with you and some others that you can 'borrow' from me. ie: all my stamps. and i have lots. alphabets, kids, babies, thank yous, etc etc.

anyway, here is the supply list if you plan to stamp paper/cards:
card packs {these are inexpensive and can be found anywhere. target, joannes, walmart, the dollar store. just be sure the paper is NOT glossy so the stamps will dry.}
ink pads {these can be found for 1-5$ at michaels, joannes, target etc.}
clear stamping block(s) {these again can be found for around a dollar at arts and crafts stores, target, etc}

clear stamps {these are inexpensive right now and packs can be found on clearance at a lot of arts and crafts stores and target right now, my michaels was having a huge sale on them}

if you plan to stamp fabric {this is great for baby gifts}
onesies {packs can be bought at target or walmart...}
fabric paint {NOT 3-D tube paint, these will be in squeeze bottles primarily and should say fabric paint on them}
clear stamping block


OK, so i hope that clears it up. and if you want to do any of last weeks projects just bring the supplies for those or if you have your own on-going project that you just want to get a little further on, bring that instead! hope to see you all there!! email if you need directions.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

i need YOUR vote!


keeping in theme with the primaries....

anyway, i just bought this chair from the goodwill for a whopping $2.00. yep, i was fully prepared to pay the 4 marked on the tag but it was half-off blue tag day. who knew? so two dollars and this is finding a new home in my craft room. well, temporary craft room for now.

anyway, i thought of repainting it, but i think i like the buttercream color it is now, and though there are chip and cracks, i may sand it a little to give it a more worn in look.

the issue is what fabric to cover the seat with. so this is where i need your help. should it be

the amy butler print with the large flowers:FOLDING_01.jpg

or the teal damask: FOLDING_02.jpg

and if you could respond asap, since i plan to do this little project directly after lunch....thanks!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

desperately seeking makeover


well here it is, i thought i would give you a peek into the soon to be tinkerwiththis kitchen. ick i know. it's a little scary actually. that tile and those cabinets are a 70s throw-back and the appliances have seen better days, about 40 years ago. the countertop is AWEful and the two-toned wood is just worth crying over. not to mention the mismatched ceiling lights. love that!

needless to say this kitchen is getting a complete redo. we were thinking of salvaging the cabinets and trying to fabricate new doors but i think thanks to IKEA, this might just be a gutter. {don't worry, the cabinets will get a fresh coat of paint and a new life in either the garage or the craft room...}
Summer10 RenovationStyle.jpg
so this is what we're thinking of doing {from summer 2010 Renovation Style magazine}, although not exactly. {the exact kitchen i want is on the cover of Kitchen and Bath Ideas august issue but i can't seem to find a pic for that online right now...}everything definitely needs to be white {minus all that extra shelving and molding, a lot more simple} to help with the cave-feel and the island will be more of a robin's egg blue, a little peppier...thinking more of a white beadboard cabinet and no glass because i just don't like it. the tile will be white subway tile, and the sink and dishwasher may be in the island...i'm also thinking of extending the cabinets under the two windows and creating some bench seating. the island will also include a bar and that hideous cabinet bump-out will disappear...

sorry about babbling, i'm uber excited. in fact, i'm patiently waiting for that closing date...still no word, come on people, i have LOTS of work to do, don't you know that?!

in case you were unaware...


i've reopened the etsy shop! i know i know, this is BIG! ok, maybe not BUT it is really fun for me because i missed it deep down and now that i have the time to do it again, i felt it would/could be a good thing. and i've also done a substantial update today...
note that these wooden clothespins were a supplies gift from this lady and won't be duplicated {i do wish we had a hobby lobby in CT}, so if you love them, get them quick! i also ship anywhere again thanks to a fabulous post office down the street.

and don't forget open craft night! i'm hosting the second one this friday and already have a few more people interested, so if you're one of them let me know! i just don't know which craft-along project to post for this week. any ideas??


Monday, August 09, 2010



ok, so i'll have to get back to the open craft night and fabulous weekend i had later. right now i'd like to backtrack a little and return to a random thursday spent with my lovely friend mb and her two little boys, a few weeks back.

unfortunately i don't have any great pictures of her oldest because my gosh is he quick. here there and everywhere. the playground was a good choice. this is her littlest one, and oh so adorable. fearless too! good job mb, you make cute kids...


Friday, August 06, 2010

open craft night


don't forget! tonight is open craft night!! if you're in the bristol, connecticut area and you need some crafting therapy with a room full of other crafters/awesome people, stop on by. i'll be hosting from 6:00pm - me if you need a specific address. should have snacks and drinks but nothing nearly as extravagant as last time. needless to say i was on a sugar high for days...

hope to see you here!

Wednesday, August 04, 2010



i'm not exactly a wreath-making person. i don't know, for some reason i'm not good at it. but when i saw this foam form for one dollar, an idea popped into my crafty brain. i've kept my scraps from sewing, you know, the ends that come out tiny and thin and really shouldn't be kept? well, i knew there was some use for them but i didn't know what until i saw that stinking wreath form.

i started wrapping the scraps around the form and tying knots at the end so the wreath had an outside ring of ends around it, but honestly half-way through i hated it and started over. then i pulled out the glue gun and went to town wrapping the scraps and glueing the ends tight behind the form. i guess i just like things clean and simple.

i'm still not sure if i love it. i mean, does it need more? i have some paper flowers along the same color palette. i was thinking of fastening some to the bottom, off-center. what do you guys think??


Monday, August 02, 2010

open craft night: details

so pick a project or bring supplies to make all three, it's completely up to you. if you have any questions about where to get supplies or are confused by anything, email me at just put 'open craft night' in the subject line so i don't delete you along with all my other oodles of spam.

also, if you have some projects you just haven't had time to finish, feel free to bring those. this is just a very casual get-together night for anyone who wants to drop in. you can do everything or nothing at all. i live in the bristol, CT area, so i hope to see anyone who can come along!! email me for the address and directions if you need them...

it's this friday, august 6th!

open craft night: to make girls barrettes


these make great little gifts for friends or relatives and are fast and easy to make.

1: coordinating ribbon, 1/4"
2: hot glue gun, glue
3: barrette clips

again, these supplies will make numerous barrettes so i suggest sharing or bringing enough different ribbons to make several. you can also embellish with paper flowers, felt flowers or scrapbooking brads. if you want to package them the way i have, you'll also need 1/8" ribbon, treat bags and wooden popsicle sticks, all found at your local arts and crafts store...

open craft night: to make chip clips or fridge magnets


here are the supplies for making either the chip clips or the magnets that you've seen here before:

1: wooden clothespins (regular or petite)
2: mod podge (matte or gloss, your choice)
3: an exacto knife
4: paintbrush
5: magnet strips
6: coordinating scrapbook paper
7: cutting mat and ruler (i prefer the see-through one, makes for simple one-step measuring)

now again, the supplies for this will make just a ton of clips/magnets, so maybe get together with a friend on this one to share...

open craft night: to make wooden bead necklaces


so here's the supply lists for making the wooden bead necklace I just gave away...

1: .25" ribbon
2: wooden beads
3: scissors
4: stop fraying edge glue

now the beads i have pictured are already finished beads, if you want to do colors like the ones i've done, just buy the fabric dye and follow instructions, dyeing them the colors you want and giving them 1-2 days for drying. i would think dyeing them in tea or coffee would work too, but you might smell like a walking cafe.

winner winner!


and the winner is.....SUSANNAH! i know, i know, who?! well, i cross-referenced this contest over on facebook and a few people commented and were added to the mix. susannah was one of them AND the lucky winner! but don't be sad, you know i'll do another one of these soon. in fact, i picked up some kelly green dye, so i'm sure to be making more of these necklaces asap.

also, keep tuned today to get some details for this weeks open craft night. yep, i'm opening my apartment and my know-how to anyone who wants to stop in. friday nights {starting this week} sometime after 6, you can join us for a night of chit chat and creating. yes, i just said chit chat. anyway, i'll be posting projects and supplies so you can pick and choose what you want to make. if you have a friend and want to share supplies on projects that would work too, since most supply lists make more than one of the particular project...happy group crafting!

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