Monday, January 26, 2009

he has great taste

the husband is good at finding quality. he has a built-in radar. must be why he married me...{har har}

we went to a daffy's this weekend in SOHO {great area for shopping btw, less crowded than the more touristy midtown or union square and biger loft-style shops}. anyway, the man digs through racks of gloves priced between ten and thirty dollars and finds THE ONE fifty dollar pair. which he loves. and buys. and what does this have to do with the boots you ask? well, he found me these and i was in love. soft flexible suede and rustic-looking leather, brass plate heels, and on top of it all they're incredibly soft and surprisingly comfortable.

i love his radar. and i love when he's willing to go shopping with me.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

it still snows, but i don't hate it as much

i wish i had brought my good camera out with me this weekend because this girl looked so beautiful just solemnly sitting there. usually you can see the brooklyn bridge and the manhattan skyline but this day you weren't able to see anything. it was absolutely peaceful. we even met the sweetest blind dog!

there was all this change today, but i don't feel any different? but i bet it's a lack of sleep. so maybe i'll go to bed early! sweet dreams...

Sunday, January 18, 2009

it's back and better than ever baby

well, maybe not, but notice i finally got around to listing items on the shop again -->

among them are these cuties which are duplicates from christmas gifts. luckily i made a couple of each in case i wanted to keep one for myself. i'll be putting some more up tomorrow too, but for now i'm tired, so it's some pad thai and staying inside while the snow falls outside! enjoy the holiday everyone!

Some more NYC facts: there are more Irish people in NYC than in any other city in the world. go figure!

rustic art

ok, so it doesn't exactly go with our furniture but i'm trying to remember that we're only going to be living here a few more months, and hopefully our next apartment will be big enough for our old furniture. then this will look much much better.

but for now, it's a practically free option to break up the white walls in here. honestly, all you need is a staple gun, some fabric and an old wooden frame. so try it carrie!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

calling all readers

not just readers of this blog, but readers of this blog who are avid readers. get it? so i went to barnes and nobles lastnight and spent 17 dollars on two books! two! ok, so one of them was this little-known facts about nyc books which i thought was mesmerizing and just had to have, but the other one was in desperation since i ran out of good previously donated books and needed something to read on the train.

so here's my request for you. give me something good to read!! seriously, if you have anything excellent that you'd be willing to pass along, email me at and a big thanks ahead of time. and i'm not picky either, if you liked it, i'll read it!

also, if you want me to return it, just include a note with your address...i know i know, i could just go to the library, but then there's this whole sea of books and i trust that you guys have stellar taste so i can avoid hours of picking out my favorite cover art.

and did you know to offset the cost of the brooklyn bridge, they originally rented out the storage areas underneath? mostly as wine cellars because of the moisture or something. which is interesting to me, since every time we drive by the boarded up underneaths of the bridge i always wonder what's in there!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

will the blackmail never cease?

so this is what i did tonight. i put together 'outfits'. seriously. drastic times, drastic measures. i'm new to this whole fashion thing and i can't just throw on a dress shirt and some black pants like the good ol' days. when your job title includes 'creative' you have to live up to the hype ya know, so i decided to be all organized about this.

for one thing, i'm a pieces sort of person. i don't buy outfits, i buy pieces and think, 'oh, i have a million things to wear with this!' and never actually wear it because i couldn't figure out what the heck to pair it with. so i've had to change the way i approach shopping, but old habits do die hard.

anyway, i'm trying to incorporate all the clothes i already have with some new RL stuff that i've bought in the past few months. and why am i posting this one in particular you ask?! well, this was a freebie GAP shirt from my dear dear cousin. although, when it came to me it was an innocent plain never-hurt-a-fly turtleneck. i give you my updated boatneck kick-em-when-they're-down version! ok honestly, i was really proud of myself here. sad right? i need to get out more.

Monday, January 12, 2009

good day, prison mate!

yesterday we went to a few open houses for apartments in our neighborhood. i wish the real estate crisis would hit this area already, but alas, the sellers are still trying to overprice garbage and sell it as a deal. however, there was ONE i absolutely loved. Unfortunately it's about 200k over our budget, bummer. it had plenty of room for guests too.

after a tour of the 500 thousand dollar apartment with direct views of the prison, and two places with monthly maintenance fees higher than our upstate mortgage, we decided to call it a day and grab some local irish food and a movie.

and yet, it was a good day!

Friday, January 09, 2009

have you heard?

ok so i did it. i took a break. a break from my internet life. did you miss me? did you really?

so what's new in 2009?

well, i'm a redhead, until it washes out anyway.
i'm reading 'princess diaries' {which i've realized is somewhat embarrassing. whipping out a pre-teen hot pink tiara embellished book on the train and pretending to be a serious reader. thank you very much jennifer.}
i'm sticking to my workout guns.
i'm sticking to my financial guns {in the form of a weekly allowance which i never really abided by last year}.
i'm in love with a man who now grocery shops {completely hot, right?}
i intend to use more of my time to volunteer and assist others and maybe even learn to cook serious dinners and not just dry chicken.

well that turned into a resolutions list, no? so give me one of yours and maybe if i like it {and it's not too hard or sacrificial} i'll adopt it as my own...
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