Sunday, August 30, 2009

brooklyn flea

so we spent the day together tooling around the neighborhood {after sleeping 'till noon}. a tiny part of the day, or what was left of it, was spent at the flea market they hold every sunday under the brooklyn bridge {i told you i was obsessed}.

it's actually a great place to find, well, anything unique. it's like all your favorite thrift stores in one spot. not to mention all the great food huts. we tried some dairy-free ice cream {but really, can you call it cream if there is no cream?} and a delicious ice pop in peach and honey.

we also have a new adventure, but more on that tomorrow...

Friday, August 28, 2009

creative photography

thanks so much to 'chicks' and all of you who have complimented me on the creativity of my shots. i think there's a lot to be said for an interesting photo from your trip/visit. so here's a cool group photo of the four of us in an old wheel cap of a nearby classic car. so look for interesting angles and shiny surfaces in your neighborhood!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


i'm literally obsessed with the brooklyn bridge. it's got to be in the top five nyc landmarks everyone would list first. it's probably my favorite place to go (and photograph), under, over, across whatever.

so what do YOU think of when i say 'new york city'?

Monday, August 24, 2009

hand model

we had yet another busy and fun filled weekend, and if i can find the time between catching up on laundry and picking up the apartment, i just might get to some of the pictures.

i found a new favorite sunday past time. the 'brooklyn flea' and walking the brooklyn bridge during sunset. the 'brooklyn flea' is a market held under the bridge on sundays from 11-5 and houses all sorts of interesting vendors with inventory ranging from antique mirrors and signs to handmade jewelry and recycled creations. my friend bought herself a bracelet made out of recycled vinyl records. very cool indeed. i found lots of great leather belts and bags and shoes, but sadly would up home empty handed. that's ok though, i'm trying this whole new saving money thing.

anyway, like i said, i'll have pics soon! for now you can get up close and personal with mr. beetle. enjoy!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

recycle refurbish reuse rejoice!

so there's something interesting about nyc. people throw away the BEST things. maybe not the best, but most people would rather chuck something than move if you want to get rid of something, just put it out on your steps.

anyway, i found this ugly thing outside my building the other day and thought it looked promising. i have to admit, this is the first thing i've ever scavenged from the nyc sidewalks, unless you count that 2007 zagat handbook.

i started out cleaning off this cork board. it's giant actually, so i'm excited about the possibilities. think of all the great black and white photos you can hang on this:

then, i hot glued a bright green fabric strip to one side, the most beat up part of the board. i used a butter knife to push the fabric edges into the frame. then i finished off the exposed side of the fabric with a strip of brown ribbon.
next i decided to make a couple of matching pushpins. i couldn't resist since i knew they'd at least be handy and cute.
and here's the finished product:
all in all a CHEAP fix to a bare wall. i didn't need to buy any supplies since i had everything, but if one did have to buy the supplies i would say it would still cost under ten dollars to make. any questions, just let me know!

ps: welcome to the lovely 'bird and squirrel' blog over in the linkerwiththis sidebar --> thanks to her for being an avid blog follower person thingy :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


you know it's bad when you can't think of anything intelligent to call it, so you just go with a sound you make when you're just not ready to talk about your morning.

so instead i give you an outfit.

slim fit oxford, skinny jeans and penny loafers. enjoy.

Friday, August 14, 2009

no this is not the maddyblog

but this has to be hands down my favorite picture from my trip this past weekend. the cool thing is we both just woke up and were merely hanging around the house. i like the crazy hair and the reflection of sunlight in her eyes. how stinking cute is she?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

hi pod

leave it to aunt cheri to teach maddy about the ipod. she's even rockin' the skullcandy earbuds. probably not a good decision on aunt cheri's part, cause those things can deliver some mean sound.

the cutest thing about maddy is she never says 'yes', instead she says 'ok', but from her it sounds more like 'ho kay'. maddy, do you want some yogurt? 'ho kay'. maddy, want to see uncle joey? 'ho kay'. maddy, want to scream bloody murder the entire ride home? 'ho kay'.


Friday, August 07, 2009

away we go

i'm on a mini-break, sort of. i hopped a train early (EARLY) this morning headed for the R to the I. good ol' RI. i forget how much i miss the new england coast but every summer i get a glimpse and that happiness pours through my veins. i won't wax all poetic on you, but you all know by now that i have a deep love affair with the ocean and everything it entails (minus the man-eating sharks and the shipwrecks).

anyway, i'm able to see jen who is home from new zealand for a few weeks, albeit under unfortunate circumstances. regardless we're going to try to have a good weekend together and, in my humble opinion, today was fairly successful.

and i'm not sure why i picked this image for this post, but it's all i had since an attempt to pack light for the train ride left me laptop-less. but never camera-less. no never.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

saggy mcbutterpants

but not really because i worked out this morning!!

anyway, navy dress from strawberries (13.99)
bangles from h&m (4.99)
sandals from gap (10.50 on clearance)

and i shrunk it in the wash since it was so stinking huge on me, only problem is it's too short to wear alone now, so today i paired it with white skinny jeans. don't judge me.

this graffiti wall

rocks, no?

i'm looking at revamping my blog so the photos are displayed much larger. anyone know of free blogger templates out there? i've been searching but nothing's jumped out at me yet.


Tuesday, August 04, 2009

remember what i said

about daily outfits? yeah, say, 3 months ago? well, i'm trying to be good about it, so although i won't always be exactly what i had on that day, it will be an outfit, so technically it counts. in my book anyway.

pink and white striped oxford (slim fit, best fashion invention ever,
vineyard vines (skirt on clearance for fifteen dollars @ filenes basement)
skulls belt (
white canvas flip flops (found @ gap a couple of years ago)
bracelet (men's @ h&m)

Monday, August 03, 2009

word to your mama

here i am throwing out some gang signs while hanging around DUMBO, brooklyn. apparently kristen thinks this is hilarious, and mel just thought we were doing a nice photo. marybeth is just chillin' with christian around her neck.

anyway, good times girls. muchos gracias. word.

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