Thursday, April 30, 2009

trip to the corner sto'

so lots of you have voiced your intrigue in my typical nyc grocery trip. mostly because i'm talking to you when i'm panting my way home, but partly because no one can fathom not buying for at least a week and tossing it all in your car for your short drive home. so here it is, the multi-tasking me, getting in touch with friends while picking up some food for the next few days.

there's a laptop, camera, Bible, book and bottle of water in my everyday bag on the left and a bunch of frozen foods, dinner for the night and a couple dozen eggs in the giant polo bag. my shoulders have never been stronger! but seriously, we don't buy juices unless we're there together. then we stock up on just about everything we can fit in four bags...and honestly, my butt is in this picture somewhere.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


at the etsy shop --->

buy any 3 perfect pendants and get one free silver ball chain. don't forget to tell me which length (16, 18 or 20") you want in the notes to seller. also, type BALLS somewhere in there. just because the 11 year old in me thinks it's funny.

reporting for duty

so as i'm sitting here, waiting for them to call my name for jury duty, i decided to do something constructive. besides complain.

so here's my to do list:

sew two baby blankets for upcoming shower (in two weeks)
write a long letter to a friend, so i can get some things off my chest
write back to a friend who did get some things off her chest
call a girl about her wedding
make marybeth a fun gift as soon as i get the supplies i just ordered
reread that article about how to say no (not that i'm overwhelmed, yet)
waste some time on facebook and im

PS: apparently one cannot blog from the free wifi in the courthouse.

PPS: just fyi i was NOT chosen as a juror due to them not needing anyone. which they might have told us the night before. but the good news is i made it to part of the photo shoot that i was missing and had loads of fun and cheered right up.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

can't get my mind off of you

so i'm better everyone! i didn't have the swine flu thank goodness and i'm back to work, back to working out and back to eating normal. life is good!

in the meantime i have lots to do in the next couple of weeks. we still haven't found a decent apartment but i think we're leaning towards staying in brooklyn. it's the nice weather that's doing it, convincing us. we both really love it when we can walk around and go for a run and sit by the water and suck in all that fresh exhaust. sure sure, it still has it's cons, but they're not equal to a commute just yet.

in other celebrity sitings, we saw the before mentioned man who's name shall not be said walking around the neighborhood this weekend. also spotted lili taylor, from such movies as mystic pizza, say anything, high fidelity. anyway, look her up if you have no idea who i'm talking about. it took me a while to figure out what she was from.

i have to call in tonight to see if i have to show for jury duty tomorrow. i'm really bummed actually. i was supposed to be on set at a shoot tomorrow, so i'm really really hoping they have so much interest from people who WANT jury duty, that they won't even need me. wishful thinking right?

Friday, April 24, 2009

in comparison

this picture is so much prettier than i feel. we had some bad mexican food lastnight, but in all honesty it was really fantastic, we're just all paying for it today. i think i'm the worst because i'm the litte-ist, which is funny because i never think of myself as small until times like these. and then i have to remember that a 100 pound body reacts very differently than a 200 pound body. so although my husband was able to get outside and sweat it out today, i have been a prisoner to the couch and the bathroom.

in essence, i really feel like crap. i know that i do need to hydrate but dummy me didn't start doing that until about an hour ago. anything smart i should be doing??

bench for one

so i'm home sick today. chained to the couch, thanks to some mexican food. this is what people mean when they say don't drink the water. speaking of which, i should hydrate.

looks like plans for the weekend are simple. maybe a day trip to long island or just some time outside soaking up the sun. 80 tomorrow right? we have a friend from syracuse here so he and j are logging some serious hours on the wii and xbox. maybe i'll just read.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

white and yellow and central park

i'm getting quite uninspired with my titles lately. sorry.

tomorrow's supposed to be warm. mmm. can't wait.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

the end

who wants to see a pretty brooklyn sunset? that really cool building with all the windows is a bunch of new condos on the water. we went and looked at them once, but of course it costs a million dollars to buy one. and i'm not exaggerating. it was an old factory though, so the ceilings are ridiculously high and the windows are stellar. i love all the architecture here.

if you look across the water you can see jersey. ah, it's never looked so good {no offense jen}...

if/when we move i will miss leaning out my window and seeing all this.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

the new yorker

so in the past few days i've had two very quintessential nyc moments.

one was a celebrity siting: whilst shopping for running shoes with the husband, in walks this guy. i was impressed since he's probably one of the industries greats. he can take anything and anyone and put total conviction into it. if he's in a movie i'll make a point to see it. anyway, it was very cool to watch him go somewhat unnoticed on our busy little ethnic street. on the way out of the store we were both searching for a flashy expensive silver monstrosity on four wheels when we spotted him laid back in a regular old subaru. needless to say, power to the suby {sou-bee}.

the other was a classic movie moment: being soaked by a passing cab while standing on the corner of 59th and madison. twice. i felt very bridget jones {yes i know that was london, but tbs had it on the other night}.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

vinyl coverings

mah spanking new Bible cover. i needed something that could be easily cleaned so i opted for vinyl and to make it all the more awesome i used some scrapbooking papers for effect. i'm thinking a good way to finish this would be bias tape, and i still need to figure out how to close the flap. i'm thinking sticky velcro?

i love how spring and pink it all feels.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

typical situation

we're back. our trip was pretty fun but we did miss out on seeing a couple of people we would have liked to {sorry heather!}. we did manage to have a bunch of fun {bowling and the outlets anyone?} AND the weather actually cooperated. four straight days of clear blue skies is something of a rarity for upstate ny.

anyway - our apartment hunting continues and we're now exploring the idea of commuting in from the connecticut coastline. hopefully we'll have some time to see apartments this weekend and then weigh our options. it would cut down the time it takes us to go back and forth to friends on the weekends AND we could get a bigger place with bigger closets...

of course i'll keep everyone informed, like it or not.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009


so thanks bunches for all the comments on the last post. it's encouraging to see you all care ;) plus it's good to know i don't look ridiculous. of course, today, i didn't even try so we'll just go with yesterdays look:

a fitted oxford, an old aeropostale jacket and a great jcrew belt i found at a thrift store. a little bit of color and it almost feels like spring. notice the detail on the belt. i thought someone might appreciate the wee embroidered dogs. i know i did.

we're off to syracuse (brrr) first thing tomorrow so if i don't stop in to say it, happy easter!!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

well here goes

this is a whole lot of cheese but i thought it would be worse to just stand there and snap a picture. i think i was wrong. although, this could be fun, it has possibilities. {look how much i'm concentrating on all your comments...}

this is a mini sweater dress over a pair of skinny corduroys. {it was cold and rainy and very un-springlike today.} matched with a brown belt to cinch the waist and some mary jane heels. i don't care how old i am, i don't think i'll ever surrender my mary janes. {outfit from, how's that for a work plug?!}

Monday, April 06, 2009

yesterday was 'a good day'

despite my mood that seeped through from saturday. since sunday turned out to be a fantastically beautiful spring day, we decided to try out my new privos and walk for miles. we explored new neighborhoods and strolled into some open houses (apartments) which we firmly decided were completely out of our price range or ridiculously overpriced still. why hasn't the housing market hit nyc yet people? that's it, we're moving to jersey.

anyway, we found a great little pizza place in carroll gardens and decided to chill for a few. then it was home where we both crashed for a nap with the window cracked and a small blanket for the chill. we went to get a movie around 8 and decided it was so nice, we should walk for blocks and blocks more. exhausting, but i slept like a rock lastnight.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

bake away the cramps

feeling a bit *yuck* today so sweet baked apples make things a little more bearable. and it makes me every time i get to use my grandmother's little baking dish. these were the perfect excuse. i did halve the recipe which i think kept the apples a little undercooked. next time i'll just bake them a bit longer. other than that they were delish. even with the cheese/raisin/walnut topping.

went to view some apartments this morning. most of what's out there is so below the level of living we prefer, but there are some surprises when you find them. i did like one but it was a one bedroom which makes me a little sad. and then it had a den off the bedroom and huge closets which made me a little happy. it's not the coolest apartment but if they made an attractive enough offer we would consider it. we'll see, we still have two months before we have to move which in nyc is like looking for a house and wanting your closing six months out.

we have time! i keep having to remind myself that. i like knowing in advance where i'll be living for the next year. i'm silly like that.

Friday, April 03, 2009

so that's that

i've made a conscious decision about this blog. someone (yes you mel) mentioned the other day that i should start taking photos of my daily outfits and create a separate place to put them BUT that's too much work so i was just thinking of incorporating it into this here online journal thingamajig. of course, normally, this wouldn't be interesting AT ALL but due to the fact that i'm literally forced to include stylish/trendsetting daily attire into my list of job responsibilities, i thought this might be fun. my job has also forced me to be a little more creative with clothing, and maybe even push my comfort zone just a little (half the time i feel foolish and wouldn't mind a second or eighth opinion on the matter).

so what do you think? would you be willing to critique me all the time? and of course i could give input on what trends i've seen popping up across the city BUT by no means consider my word fashionista rule. i'm so far from being a style guru i could be on 'what not to wear'. i'm that silly girl who still buys the 5 dollar pashminas off the street vendor and wears boy-sized chuck taylors (they were ten dollars cheaper!).

oh and i really want to include a lot more city knowledge and adventures around here. i mean, this place has been pretty lame lately, no? i haven't even been updating. what's up with that? i miss being interesting. see, i don't even have an interesting photo for this post.
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