Monday, September 29, 2008

gimmee some tea and company

good to spend a week in manhattan, but better to be home. the more i see of manhattan, the more i like brooklyn. it's quieter here, and drastically less swarming with tourists, which i like. manhattan is so busy, but brooklyn is a place to relax. plus, i was honestly bored out of my mind, because at night all the museums close and then there's just shopping to be had.

but the commute to work was incredible. one express train stop and ten minutes later i was walking into my office. but oh well, now i'll have time to read again...

Thursday, September 25, 2008

blood-gushing heart-stopping amazement

look, it's david blaine doing an interview while hanging upside down, at least 6 feet from the ground! it's amazing!! he's upside down!! what an amazing feat of upsidedown-ness. how does he do it? amazing folks, incredibly amazing.

(if you look past him - under the bridge you'll see where i eat my lunch most days...)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

gone to the dogs

so i was about to post a picture of david blaine hanging upside down in central park's skating rink, but i thought these dogs were much cuter. and more interesting. and much more of an amazing feat considering none of them were barking or sniffing each others butts.

Friday, September 19, 2008

want one?

so i haven't had much time to work on anything for the etsy shop BUT i did make these little cuties a while back. SO, i thought i would just offer them on the blog, see if i had any takers.

they're both made with heavy duty cotton webbing, silver keyfob hardware and japanese fabrics. pick from either ants or hedgehogs {which are very back-to-school-esqu}. They're 1.25 inches wide and about 5.5 inches long. $7 a piece will include the shipping costs...

first come first buy, email and let me know which one you want!
SOLD, thanks!!

across central park in 12 minutes or less

on the rare occasion that i get to chill out with you crazy bloggers, i relish in feeling like i have 'real friends' and not just made up on the internet ones.

here i am after one sweaty walk with JEFF! would somebody else tell him that his hair is out of control and he needs to cut it. cause he's just not listening to me. and i had to explain to him why you do not eat sushi that you dropped on the park bench. nor do you touch anything in nyc and then touch your food. he doesn't get it.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

typical day:

wake up too late. shower, pull hair back, throw on polo shirt, rush to catch train.

train delays due to investigation at brooklyn bridge. get to work late. no big thing. hardly anyone else is in yet. no time to grab the bagel and cream cheese i've grown accustomed to. hungry.

work hard all day long. maybe not too hard. stay late marking up retouch photos.

catch the train home. walk three blocks out of the way to try a new fish market before it closes. craving good fish, but not impressed by the market's prepackaged fillets. buy some fresh cod for too much money then pet a sweet yellow lab outside tied to a street sign pole.

two blocks over to the grocery store for some veggies of which i have none, not even the canned kind. cross the street to buy the husband some sinus medicine. guy not only has the hardest most draining assignment of his career this week, but also has an infection to top things off. misery loves more misery. and nyc likes to keep him busy.

home to the apartment, grab the mail, toss the mail, cook some dinner. wrap up some freelance work while waiting for the rice to cook according to the directions on the back of the box.

husbands home, time to eat, some tv and then off to bed. early to bed, early to hit the snooze button.

and we'll start it all over tomorrow....

Monday, September 15, 2008

juggling it all

i just deleted everything i wrote because it was pointless. instead here's a picture from central park.

Friday, September 12, 2008

at least there's always music

in a busy world.

made for walking

for mom: photographic evidence forever lodged in cyberspace. i bought the boots and indeed had the courage to finally wear them...

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

well here it is

don't judge me. ha. this is me getting ready in the morning so it's not quite what i ended up with in the end. mostly i've just been pulling it back since it's still stinking hot here. you want to experience oppressive heat: wait for a train underground in the dead of summer in nyc. anyway, here it is. hopefully it's not as horrible as i was describing...

Sunday, September 07, 2008

a crafty few hours

fleeting hours. i haven't had much time to do any of this stuff since the job, not that i'm complaining, i love the new job...

so here's a few belts that i managed to whip up out of some leftovers in my stash.

1: a hip-hugging clip belt made out of some sweet royal blue ribbon i've been meaning to use up. i also used a decorative stitch and angled the edges, then finished them with no-fray.
2: a cotton webbing belt with some great kelly green ribbon one of you {i can't remember who} sent me during our supply destash, i love it btw and have been waiting for the perfect opportunity to use it.
3: just in time for back to school, some apple embroidered ribbon i found online, some cotton webbing and silver d-rings.
4: this one's a little experiment, it wraps around my rib cage, giving a sort of empire waist to tshirts and tank tops. it's made out of cotton webbing, dark brown leather, a d-ring and a keyfob clip.
5: what would have been a belt but ended up too short, so i angled the edges and turned it into a little cool weather scarf.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

in demand

is a picture of me with the new do, but to be honest, i haven't had the chance or the motivation to take one. i'm not sure how i feel about it yet. i do know that it wasn't what i expected. nor does it look like i took a curling iron to my head. but i'm sure once i get used to it i'll feel a bit more confident. right now i feel like everyone in the universe is staring and pointing at me as i walk by, snickering and mocking behind my back.

so yeah, i'm not used to it quite yet.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

and one more for good measure

two posts in one day? you'd think i didn't have anything else to do...

aren't these girls the cutest things ever. seriously. we love these girls. they're so fun to visit and play with and we look forward to watching them grow up and harassing their future boyfriends.

ps: i'm photographing my first wedding next month and i'm nervous!

feel the love. little to the left.

i was featured on a blog! my elly eyepillow was featured here. check it out, it's a cute blog that showcases etsy items with a polka dot theme...the owner was even nice enough to inform me she had picked my product!

also check out this shop: sweet lime skin care. krista's products are all natural and have super awesome labels and packaging...stellar. getcha some!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

ghetto fab

this is the hair i *think* i want. i want curl but not like a deep fried potato and i want wave but not so little that i waste my dinero. basically i want sexy just stepped off a horse hair. at least that's what the stylist said.

so i'll either be giddy on friday night or i'll be hugging my straightening iron in the fetal position in the corner of my tiny bathroom with the checkered floor wishing i looked half as good as charlize.

in other news, i'm busy as a weak new orleans levee. not enough time to breathe forget make a fabulous dinner or clean house. and you better appreciate this thread, i looked up two words just to get the spelling right....

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