Sunday, February 27, 2005

crappy musings.

i lie on my back in the warm sand and stare into the evening sky,
wishing i were a star, listening to the waves crash onto the shore.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

i AM that type

So driving home from class i noticed, much to my stomach's dismay, a sign in front of McDonald's advertising their "Shamrock Shake". Now to me, the thought of drinking something green just turns my stomach and i thought, "what kind of person drinks a green shake?". And then i remembered that my favorite shake is a mint chocolate chip one, and i realized in horror, "I am the kind of person who drinks green shakes...."

Monday, February 07, 2005

fire drill

we had one today while i was in the darkroom printing. i looked around. i thought maybe i spilled chemicals. or left a door open. or blew up a light table. but no. it was just a fire drill. then later, we were debating my age and Matt was so bewildered at how old i was that he lost track of time on development and completely screwed up his print. poor Matt.

the weather is clearing up around here and i couldn't be happier. i even cleaned the car. and debated going for a run. but i've settled on homework and oatmeal cookies. i'm such an exercise enthusiast. maybe, eventually, i'll catch up with Mel's bad habits. but probably not.

Marybeth, i've been putting together a little package for you. you know, the usual. CD, candy, fairy wand, and maxi pads. i think i even threw in toothpicks. yeah, you're gonna love it.

watched Vanity Fair this weekend. (and two hours of the SuperBowl, shame on me). It was a very visually appealing movie and well done, good actors, but i just didn't agree with the storyline. perhaps not a just enough ending...

Sunday, February 06, 2005


Originally uploaded by tinkerellen.
who wouldn't hire me? i'm fabulous. or at least i play the part in my designer black turtleneck.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Friday, February 04, 2005

this morning

i have an 'interview' with an ad agency in town. hopefully they'll throw some work my way and i can make a little bit of money that i seem to be spending like water on school. so i just printed out the directions, off to take a shower, and then try on 3 or 4 different outfits until i can find that perfect professional/artist mix. the one thing i hate about these things is the money issue. i know what i want to get, but if i state my demands and they're too high, i lose out on the opportunity and i hate missed opportunities. i always hope they just have a set amount, like at Burger King. you make this much, let us know if you're willing to do it, yaddy yaddy.

on a side note, if this doesn't work out, i'm hoping to put some business cards over at an art store. we know the owner, he's a pretty nice guy, even had us over for dinner, so hopefully he'll be cool with that. also, i have a friend who's putting my name in with a couple of the big photographers in town. she saw my photos and thought i might make a good assistant. we'll see. i'm not as concerned about work now, as i will be in the summer when i'm only taking a few classes.

anyway, i had a dream lastnight involving my doctor, and my proffessor. just goes to show who i've been spending all my time with. ugh.
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