Wednesday, May 27, 2009

it's a brand new day

i know i know. when my mom calls to make sure i'm ok, it means i haven't blogged in a while. honestly, i think it would be annoying to have to listen to me complain every day about all this moving stuff and my busy busy work days and how sick i am of cleaning. here's a sneak peak at the new apartment. who am i kidding, this is about 350 sq ft of the 500 sq foot apartment.

anyway, looking forward to that quiet quiet street, the high ceilings and the big windows. this weekend we'll be officially moved in!

ps: notice the spanking new imac? well actually, it's a closeout model from last year but still, it's new to us! traded in the old g5 tower and walked out with something a little lighter. ahh.

Friday, May 22, 2009

honestly, really, seriously

i'm beat. exhausted. drained. but there have been many an exciting thing happening here. for one, work has been crazy but i was able to take part in two photo shoots last week, one of which i was able to direct (thanks to my boss' wife delivering their new baby!). for another, husband and i both can't wait to get into our quieter place though we are noticing the space getting smaller and smaller with each new piece of furniture. the bedroom is actually laughable, the windows are all sorts of messed up and unsafe, the kitchen cabinets are horrendous, and we still don't have a mailbox key but we've both come to terms with compromise and keep telling ourselves how much money we'll be saving each month. (500 dollars!)

well i think we're leaving for CT tomorrow morning even though it seems wrong to leave the most fantastic parking spot we've ever found since living here. but it's just a parking spot, and i'd take some r&r to a slab of pavement any day.

goodnight and see some of you tomorrow morning!

Monday, May 18, 2009


i realize i've been non-existent for the past, well, week/weekend. but don't worry, i'm still very well and alive. my mother will be happy to hear it, she's rather fond of me.

but seriously. this moving thing is no joke. i know we're getting a killer break on our monthly rent but we are having to sacrifice. the whole weekend was spent cleaning every square inch of the new place. luckily there's not that many. i was hoping to move stuff in over the weekend but it looks like we might have to save that for this week and possibly next week. next friday is our official move date but my goal is to only have bigger empty furniture to move. i want all the rest put away in cabinets or closets or whatever.

in fact, i would love to do a sleep-over SOON. we woke up to jackhammers and sirens this morning. apparently they're expanding the sidewalks on every major corner in brooklyn heights. {and the sirens are a daily occurrence when you live next to a hospital, who's idea was that anyway?} yippee.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

having fun in the sun

a fun little weekend away but now it's back to business.

i need to get back into a work out schedule. and just a daily schedule in general. i need structure. at least then i can feel like i'm in control and getting things done. even if it's something little like working out for a half hour. or emailing so and so. or compiling my grocery list.

do you ever feel like you've been running crazy and have nothing to show for it at the end of the day?

Thursday, May 07, 2009

a size matter

strictly speaking size, which one do you prefer? i think i like the smaller version because, well, it's smaller and it loops nicely around your finger that is so desperately scanning your purse interior for those keys...

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

livin' in the heights

it's official! we found a new apartment. we'll move in sometime this month! slowly with the small stuff and then one scheduled day for the furniture. i'm hoping to make it as stress free as possible, shya right.

it's a brownstone, one floor walk up {yay} and it's 500 dollars less a month! that's HUGE. seriously. i'm so excited. next time i go back i'll take some interior shots. for now here's the outside. oh and did i mention it's a SUPER quiet street.

Friday, May 01, 2009

interesting angles: park bench

since the weather has been picking up {and maybe since i've been faced with the possibility of not living in the city anymore} i find i'm taking a lot more photographs. i'm still not taking a daily photo, but i rarely follow through with any project i start, so i'm not crushed over it.

i am however trying to make every image interesting. like instead of a row of benches and a cherry blossom tree, it's an inviting tunnel for a five year old and his toy truck. i'll post series of these pictures now and again. i'm not committing to anything though...

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