Saturday, March 26, 2005

updates for the masses

events of the day: went to see an Imax movie about Vikings. it was awesome. it made me want to go to Iceland. then we walked around downtown, grabbed a cheesesteak and looked around some trendy stores. the ncaa basketball thing is in town at the SU dome, so all the restaurants have booths set up on the road and the streets are blocked off to traffic. it was fun. we even indulged 6 dollars on chocolates and truffles for dessert. yum. (which reminds me, i gained 3 pounds.)

purchases of the day: the Bridget Jones Edge of Reason DVD, all natural face cream and mascara, and a VS thong (which actually was free: the checkout girl looked totally disgusted that i hadn't purchased anything, but i didn't send myself the stupid coupon).

projects of the day (and many more days certainly): currently i'm working on creating a personal web site using flash elements to give it some interactivity. i'm pretty pleased with the look so far. it's clean and simple, and i think it displays my talents fairly well. also, i'm working on some time lapse photography for a school video project. we're creating a music video for a song our instructor chose. i set up the camera with some cut flowers but they died the next day, so i bought a potted mini-rose plant and that's working out splendidly.

Monday, March 07, 2005

inside my head

the world spins at a speed uncatchable. mostly it's words, scrolling down forever like a badly designed website. things to do, people to call, books to read, tests to take, projects to complete, dinner, laundry, dishes. clean clothes are overated. really. who pays attention to the mud splattered on the cuffs of your jeans, besides you. who noticed the lack of eyeliner this morning. who wonders how often you work out. nobody but you. so inside my head spins thoughts of myself, churning into sour stress over nothing important. when saturday comes, i dump these thoughts before i hit airline security and sleep clearly in an uncomfortable chair with an oversized man hogging the armrest and snoring, peacefully.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

cup o tea

it's freezing inside my skin. i grab the kettle, pour out the old stagnent water from last week. turn on the faucet, fill the kettle and turn towards the stove. reaching to the very top shelf of the cabinet where my favorite snowman mug waits, my sweater revealing cold skin. sugar. something sweet to counter the bitter tea leaves. not too much, never too much. too sweet never got anyone anywhere good. the tea bags each individually wrapped inside this brown cardboard box. i carefully tear, revealing the aroma of places never been and time wasted on cold drinks or empty conversation, or in most cases, both. the kettle sizzles and i reach for the handle. i pour warmth and cup it in my hands, slowly bringing the steaming water to my lips. warmth is all i crave. i find it in tea. where do you find it?

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

e-mail from a friend

"at any rate it makes me smile to know your life isn't perfect. :)"

hahhahahaaa. i nearly wet myself.
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