Monday, November 23, 2009

sorry jennifer

but you're about to feel homesick.

welcome to mystic, CT, one of the most quintessential new england coastal towns. seriously, it's so cute with it's boardwalks and docks and drawbridge. we spent the weekend there for a couple's retreat and it was gorgeous. both friday and saturday we enjoyed great weather and were able to take in the scenery. the husband showed me the house he grew up in, in neighboring niantic and we strolled along crecent beach for a few minutes before heading to the hotel.

the next day we took a couple of new friends on a tour of mystic, with lunch at mystic pizza (mmm, so good) and dessert at mystic drawbridge ice cream (are you homesick yet jen?). we strolled around in the sun until it started to descend and then made our way up to the clinton outlets where i finally found that pair of flannel-lined chinos in my size! sometimes it's hard being this tiny.

the retreat was good for me but felt a little short. i think i need to delve into some reading on my own. i need to learn some things, so i can strive to be the best wife i can be. i think i'll make that into a poster or something. anyway, it was more of a refresher course than anything and just really reminded me that i need to appreciate what i have because it's pretty much awesome.

so if i don't talk to you before thursday, everyone enjoy your thanksgiving and just remember to be thankful for the people in your lives! oh and don't forget to get fat on all that turkey...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

a sign?

in the last week or so i've come to the decision that i WILL be cutting my hair off. i've been rummaging through google images trying to find the right look i want to achieve, but i'm struggling. it's a big decision people!! i just feel that short hair is a part of my personality, and although growing it long is great, it's really not me.

so, should i take today's email as a sign and just make the appointment already?

Sunday, November 15, 2009

row, row, row your boat

i am willing to post terrible pictures of myself for the prime purpose of evidence. i was getting quite the looks for being the only girl in the boat rowing around three men. luckily i only did it for a few minutes. we all took turns with no accidental tippings. what a beautiful day it was in the city with a great sunset to finish it off. wish you all could have been here! although i still would have kicked you out so i could get some decent sleep tonight!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

the knicks stink

i've never been to madison square garden or a pro basketball game so it was pretty fun. and i just love this photo so i thought i would share. of all the spectator sports basketball is probably the most tolerable for me. in fact, thanks to the husband i'm pretty versed in the players and rules. but not enough to qualify as a fan. we did see anthony michael hall there which impressed me thanks to 'pretty in pink'...

we had a friend get hit on by a transvestite in the train and then he caught one of the t-shirts they were throwing into the stands (was that karma's way of apologizing?) so all in all his first trip to the city's been an eventful one.

heading to greenwich tomorrow! oh this busy life we lead. sometimes i wish we could spend days in bed watching movies or sleeping. oh to be lazy and well rested...

Friday, November 13, 2009

coconut basketball, no dribbling

i've found my weakness. it's a tiny moist chocolate covered coconut macaroon that tastes just like a girl scout cookie and only costs 50 cents. lets see, that's $2.50 a week, $10 a month, $120 a year! aw, man. maybe i should limit my chocolate covered deliciousness to once a week....

oh! and i'm going to my first knicks game tonight. madison square garden here i come...

Thursday, November 12, 2009

here's lookin' at you kid

every time i see someone walk buy holding their child's hand i wonder what it would be like to raise kids here in new york city. i mean, there's no way we could afford a two bedroom apartment but if push came to shove i'm sure we'd relent and make the sacrifices. but children here are so mature. really, they know the subways better than me, they're afraid of practically nothing, and they're incredibly street smart.

but would i want that for my child or would i want them to be carefree and just be a kid? i think there's a lot to be said for the innocence of children, or the safety they experience in the burbs without realizing it. but then i think kids aren't safe anywhere in this generation, so would it be a bad thing to have a street-wise child?

and then i think i shouldn't have kids at all! and then i think i think too much.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

like a big pizza pie

so i tried my darndest to get a photo of the incredible moon we had last night. in my sweatpants with my tripod and an open window i crouched down on the floor and tried to be so so still. alas, it didn't work out so well. this was the only one i could salvage from the 'photoshoot'. sad right? oh well, just trust me, it was one awesome sight.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

security blanket

i figured out a way to make the photo fit the post. there's a lot of things happening for us right now, or at least possibly happening. this year is proving to be our busiest by far. there are so many things we want to happen and so many things we hope to happen that it would bog us down if we weren't able to just let go and trust in Him to decide for us.

and it's not a copout, this not having to make decisions or bulldoze our own successful path through life. it's more of a security blanket knowing that God has a plan for us, and we need only be patient and trust in Him.

and sometimes we forget to just hold tight.

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