Friday, October 26, 2012

A wedding review

Bear with me, I usually try to post just a few from each shoot, but this wedding had a lot of favorites. For one, the bride is my cousin, one of a twin pair, and I love them dearly. We spent many a childhood day running around across their street, barefoot, playing with everything we could find in that little muddy slice of the ocean. It was an honor that she thought of me to record her beautiful day and I always love being such an intimate part of it all. Of course, they like to party, and this momma was pushing really hard to stay up past midnight!

Anyway, she's all grown up, and even though I didn't know her groom-to-be, I've discovered since then that he's a pretty swell guy. I wouldn't expect anything less to get by my Aunt.

Something blue:

I adore the light in this one:

Something for fun:

The twins all dolled up:

The happy new couple:

And the beautiful bride:

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

packin' up the camera and the quilt

We decided to seize the beautiful day and run out for an impromptu photoshoot. I've actually been wanted to get some shots for a while now that the leaves are making the change, but we've all had the sick for the past week or so. Bebe girl seems to finally be over the snoo-ey {technical term} so I thought it would be ok to bundle her up and head out. 

We went to the same spot where I had my maternity photos done, and if I can rally some troops, I'll be getting family photos there in the next week or two. Here we just propped ourselves up in a shady spot near a large oak. The bebe loves looking at/being in nature and the outdoors, but sad for me she also likes to eat the outdoors. Like leaves, and grass. She ate a couple of red leaf bits during this shoot. 

Here she is with one of the few smiles she was willing to give me today:  

Here's the quilt I bought on clearance at Target. It was a happy birthday present using a gift card from my mother-in-law. It's a throw quilt so it's not very big, but I loved the colors and thought it would make a perfect fall photo prop. I was right, I still love it even in the pictures.

This is one of the many photos I took using the remote and tripod set-up. I was pretty happy with them, until I realized almost all of them were focused on my knees. Not cool. But there'll be other opportunities to try again. I realize I need to get myself in photos with her more, or she'll get bored just looking at herself 20 years from now.

And this most adorable awesome hat was knit by my amazing friend Marybeth. She kicks it when it comes to knitting, although I have no idea where she finds the time amidst getting her masters in teaching, raising two boys, keeping house and constantly making meals. She's crazycakes. But in a good way. So the hat actually works really well to hide the awful horrible hack job of a haircut I gave the bebe yesterday. I nearly cried I was so upset. But it is out of her eyes now, which I'm sure she appreciates...I think.

I love love love this one. Even though she's so serious. But that's actually a big portion of her personality: serious, contemplative, and I like to think conspiring on how to drive me crazy...

Here we are with the biggest leaf I've ever seen. She thought it was awesome, in fact, I think it's still in the car. I couldn't pry it from her little fingers, this girl is strong!

So happy fall everyone, I hope these make you a little happy inside!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Big things in smallish packages

My little baby girl is getting so big! Literally. This girl is wearing anything from 12month clothes to 2T! And now that she's learned how to crawl, she's moving on to bigger and better things. Like climbing. The stairs. By herself. It's freaking me out man.

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