Tuesday, December 30, 2008

keep shining baby

and one that they might not be too embarrassed about. although they might not think the hat is so stylish in about 20 years. but doesn't dad look hot? {see previous post to make sense of this post.}

embarrassing the children

these are the photos that make kids say 'my parents were such dorks'.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

bring us a shrubbery!

merry christmas from the apartment shrubbery!

seriously, another great year of writing about my mishaps and creations, disappointments or accomplishments, life or lack thereof. but it wouldn't have been nearly as gratifying without all of you actually listening to me! thanks a bunch, i'll try to write to you all before the new year but if i don't, have a happy one of those too!


Sunday, December 21, 2008

some last-minute gift making

i've wanted to make these for a couple of years now and i finally got to it. talk about procrastinating. i love them so much i'm thinking of making a bunch with labels for my own photo storage needs. topped off with tinker tags and vintage buttons and these are finally ready to give.

Friday, December 19, 2008

brrr baby brrr

i woke up completely disappointed at the utter lack of snow on the ground {not even a dusting, really?}. then i went to work and it started to snow {hallelujah}. then work closed early! that never happened in syracuse! not even in the worst storms!

so here i am, cozy and warm in my oswego sweats, drinking hot cocoa and listening to christmas music while waiting for the christmas shrub to dry out. i did it, i broke down and bought a leetle potted tree and some lights. i'll create a warm christmasy glow in this tiny apartment if it kills me. which it won't. but it will make me warm and fuzzy inside. just like this hot cocoa. cheers everyone!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

snow day, please and thank you, a post about niceties

so we're supposed to get some big storm tonight. like a whopping 6 inches. phhbbtttt. please. that's like piddly snow. but i'm hoping it cripples the city transportation and i get an extended weekend out of the deal.

and shame on all the rude christmas-time new yorkers. seriously people, am i invisible or are you just too rude to avoid barreling into me? maybe you could stand around some more {directly in the way, of course} and try to figure out where you are or where you're going? because none of us have to be to work on time or would like to get into any one of several entrances you are blocking... and men, oh you sad cruel men. you should be ashamed. plopping your big fat butts down on those subway seats and making those of us who have struggled in high heels all day long stand? yes, stand. shame. may you all get a big hairy fat rat in your stockings. or maybe just in your apartments. there's some christmas spirit for ya.

Monday, December 15, 2008

half past five hundred square feet

city life is exhausting. even on the weekends there's not much relaxing going on. i mean, i guess sleeping until one in the afternoon counts as relaxing, but strangely enough, i'd rather be reading books on my sun porch. of course, our sun porch would now be frozen solid amidst two feet of upstate snow. and there would be no sun.

can i tell you how much i am missing having enough room for a big ol' Christmas tree? i'm so tempted to buy a little charlie brown tree and light it up, for nostalgia sake. sad little apartment with no little tree. the husband does not see the downside to this, he only sees a lack of pesky needles to coax out of the carpet, no wasted dollars on an already dying piece of the forest, no ornaments to unpack and repack. i miss the lights most of all.

but it's not all depressing inner monologue around here! we rearranged the bedroom this weekend, which really helped with the whole "we're cramped and need a bigger place" feeling. seriously. never underestimate the ability to walk around the bed. and night stands: they sure are handy.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

black and blue and blue

a couple of the funky ladies from the pah tee. so lovely and fun. i dig these chics, they're super easy to hang out with and frankly that's a huge quality i look for in a friend. AND they love target, starbucks and exchanging little gifts, just like me.

off to another sample sale tomorrow am! hoping it's a good one and i can finish up the christmas list, wrap some gifts this weekend, order the gift cards and reLAX. trying to simplify this christmas for sure. i heart sample sales. i bought some fantastic keihls lip gloss for 3 dollars which apparently lists for 17.50! i felt like such a bargain shopper, and it's super nice and not sticky so i bought all the colors they had and chucked the old stuff. cause i'm efficient like that. actually, that was pretty wasteful of me. now i'm ashamed.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

it's a party, my dear.

wait, you mean i haven't told you all about the party?!? so sorry, but it's been crazy since the moment we got home.

so the gist of it is this: it was a lot of fun and work and leftovers. next time i think i need to be more organized, but the place looked great and the crowd was stellar. mostly it was friends and some women from a dental office (host works there), but everyone bought something which was great. i ended the night with a lot less inventory and a lot more ideas for the next one.

and thanks to everyone who showed! sorry about the crappy photos, i got home and realized i hadn't taken any pictures of all the great fattening food that nobody wanted to touch, or the host, or for that matter many of the guests. i was just buzz buzz buzzing around the whole time!

Thursday, December 04, 2008

fob ulous

some more stock for the party. but that's it. i have to stop or i'll end up with too much stuff and not enough people to buy it. although, the attendant list is getting longer and longer by the day. i'm really excited about this whole thing. i'm hoping it gets a good response and creates some buzz.

i have so much left to do and no time either, work party tomorrow night! well, we're leaving for ct first thing saturday morning, so i guess i'll have all saturday to prepare and i have a few helpers as well, so it'll all work out, right? i just want it to be perfect, or close anyway. can we say nervous?

looking forward to seeing you all! (well, some of you all.)

saint patrick was rich

we had a chance to explore the interior of the cathedral when our guests were here last week. mostly to get out of the cold and partly to break up our 5th avenue walk. it's an incredibly beautiful building and the details are inspiring. you really have to appreciate all the hard work (and money) that's gone into the makeup of the cathedral. i almost felt like i was a tourist in Rome.

so in other news, with all the free time we don't have, we cut down our tv watching schedule. shows that didn't make the cut, because basically they suck this season are: heroes, pushing daisies, my name is earl, fringe, and the biggest loser. the ones that made the list: greys, private practice (which might be on it's way out after lastnights episode), the office, how i met your mother, chuck, house, new adventures of old christine (might be cut soon) and life. i may be missing some, but i'm getting sick of tv. anyone else? i think it's just the hustle and bustle of this time of year. i feel there are so many other things that need to get done. oi.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

sneaky peeky

of some items appearing at the (uber fabulous) shop party this weekend in connecticut. cute patches on onesies and fantastic ribbons made into useful hairclips. i've also got a bunch of pendants, along with some gretta bags and more barrettes. then there's eye pillows and key fobs and earrings, oh my. won't you join me? i'll give you a cupcake!

ps: i've also received some shop love here: kojodesigns.

Monday, December 01, 2008

bag in action

as seen on the streets on manhattan worn by my husband. he's so chivalrous. usually he offers to carry my bag for me with reluctance but this one he's so proud of he's more than willing to sport the man-bag look! doesn't he look dashing?

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