Saturday, May 28, 2011

big project reveal: wait for it...


Well, I mentioned I was working on a project that's been really taking it out of me, and oh yeah, it's making a person! Which is exhausting, just so you know.

We've known for about a month and didn't want to say anything {or really believe it was real} until we visited the doc. Well, the doc visit went really well, nothing abnormal, everything's healthy, there's only one {phew}.

So I spent the weekend thus far reading all my wonderful facebook comments, shopping for summer dresses that I can grow with, and being uber gassy. Yes, one of the perks of being preggers.
Anyway, I've had to say a sad goodbye to the 6-pack {yes, you can hate me, I had them} and in the last week or so the baby bump has made an appearance. It wasn't going to be much longer before people started to notice.

So there's the big project that I'll be working on for the next, oh, 25 years. Woo, just when I thought I could relax...

Thursday, May 26, 2011



A simple and cute idea for a dollar thrift store find. I'm trying to fight it, but my design taste is quickly leaning towards the flea market/worn/distressed look. I like the idea of everything having had a prior life. It makes me feel surrounded by good friends with interesting stories to tell. Plus it saves a TON of money when you recycle or repurpose something. But you already knew that.

And here's a random hilarious photo of the dog:


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

don't underestimate me

Never, ever underestimate the ability to turn anything into an organization tool. My brain is constantly thinking 'storage!' so shopping with me can probably be annoying, unless you're looking to organize your closets.
I saw this idea somewhere in the blogosphere a while ago, except someone was using it to store belts. Well, I've been keeping an eye out at the thrift stores for a vintage soda crate and nothing has been showing up. I took a quick look at my local flea market {it's seriously two minutes from my house} and on the way out of what I thought was a wasted trip, I stumble on this crate. It was exactly what I was looking for. And only eight dollars? Score.
With five dollars worth of swivel rolling legs from home depot and two dollars worth of wood screws {#8x3/8"} I now have a handy divider for those unruly {and quite dirty actually} flip flops.

I'm quite happy with this little project, easy, quick and handy. I'll keep an eye out for more in the future, will you too?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

impromptu photoshoot


Well, the weather didn't want to cooperate, but we managed to get a quick photoshoot in of the girls before they left for almost-good.
There are a few quaint spots in my backyard, even amongst all the weeds and overgrowth, so we made due with what we had...all in all, I think we did ok.
See, someone was having a good time, despite being bribed with a new toy.
And then once all the seriousness was over, it was time for some fun:


Monday, May 23, 2011

goodbye dear friend


So we orchestrated a surprise going-away bash for Carrie yesterday afternoon. She really had no idea, as you can see from her face:
It was a great time of fun and laughter and served as amends for all the excuses we concocted to avoid her this weekend! I think she was a little disappointed that nobody wanted to spend her last day with her!
I wish I had thought {smart I am almost always not} to use my external flash on such a dreary day, since a lot of the indoor photos came out blurred. That was upsetting to discover this morning! But alas, I give you what I could find that wasn't embarrassingly poor.
So although we will see her and her family again before their forever exodus, it was nice to say goodbye to her in our way. Even if it was a just excuse to eat cake pops. {more on those in another post!}


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

hello cupcake

I've been wanting to find a mini-cupcake pan for a while now. I mean, if no one wants to commit to eating an entire cupcake, then why not bite-size goodness?
Well I finally found one, and lastnight's crafty night was my trial run. Even though I used a box mix (!), they were delicious. And thanks to a frosting kit I bought at IKEA a little while back, making them look adorable was a breeze. Well, not exactly at first, but that was my fault...
I'm excited to make these for parties now. Think of all the colored frosting and sprinkles options! Yum.

Monday, May 16, 2011

it's all part of my master plan

Progress on the house is at a stand still currently. Why? Because the guy we use to install the hardwoods is backed up. Bummer. Serious bummer. Because I really really really want to move into our master suite. You'll see why in a second.
Here is our bedroom as it stands. The two cubbies on either side of the bathroom door will house built-in wardrobes. That I can't buy, assemble and install until the floors are done. Grr.
Then here's a glimpse at our messy new master bath. The shower glass is still being priced out, and the vanity is waiting for it's two lights, but other than that we are system's go. Water, toilet, double sinks and everything. Oh and did I mention the heated floor? It's a bathroom I may never want to leave. Can you get Chinese delivered to a bathroom?
Then there's our sad lonely pile of hardwoods just waiting to be installed. Don't they look sad?
And this is why we've been antsy to move into the new 'wing'. We've been living in the guest room since November. Not that it's a terrible thing, I mean, we're lucky to have had the bedroom to move into. Better than camping out in the living room. But we're surrounded by extra furniture that we didn't want to move to the basement just to move all the way back up here again. So our headboard is a mattress set, and our other headboard adorns the wall. Then there's an array of dressers on the other side of the room. It's crazy. We just want to move in to our rooms and spread the furniture love. Instead of living in the 13x17 foot furniture store...

Sunday, May 15, 2011

do me a favor


The lovely Marybeth introduced me to this fantastic summer bracelet tutorial. Honestly I have a hard time starting each and every one of these, a knitter I am not, but once you get the hang of things, they don't come out so wonky...

These guys have been whipped up as party favors for an upcoming summer shindig. I hope the ladies will like 'em!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

i've been framed

Forgive me dear readers for slacking on the posts, but I promise you it's for good reason. I'm working on a REALLY awesome huge stellar project and it's taking up a lot of my time. That along with the house and the intermittent freelance job and I am pooped.

But I have been crafting and decorating and of course shopping. Maybe I should dedicate a whole day to posting my weekly thrifty finds?

Anyway, I had a couple of my favorite photos blown up a while back, and have been waiting for the perfect spot in the new digs for them. But then I realized that in my giant bin of frames, I didn't have two matching 8x10s. And I couldn't justify spending a lot on MORE frames, so when I found these at TJMaxx today, I was oh so thrilled.
The mattes weren't exactly my style, so I spray-painted them white. For five dollars a piece and a little bit of work, I now have framed art that makes me smile.


Friday, May 06, 2011

a blog-by crafting

A couple of quick crafts as of late:
This camera strap cozy I whipped up with the softest prettiest girliest fabric I may have ever seen purchased on a trip to the store where I was not to buy any new fabric. Oops.
Another YES ANOTHER cupcake platter. Or jewelry holder. Or candle holder. Really these things are so pretty and unique and versatile. Plus, they're SO easy to make. I have a few waiting for assembly in the basement. I think they'll be making it to the Etsy shop. Because really, how many of these things can I hide around my house before the husband calls me out on it? But sorry ladies, this ones for keeps....

Thursday, May 05, 2011

cramping my style

I know that we are in a transition phase. I tell myself that every day. It's not normal to move into half a house, but essentially, that's what we've done. So in the meantime, we have loads of stuff in every room. For an organizational neat freak, this is a problem. For months I've been moving things from room to room, packing things, unpacking things, creating storage solutions and basically losing my mind. Since we've had the basement permanently fixed {no more water, take that mother nature}, I decided to bring a bunch of things back downstairs and recreate a little craft room.

I was sick and tired of looking at this:
No matter how temporary it was, I couldn't go another day staring at all that stuff. I brought everything downstairs and created some not so sturdy piles. Then I disassembled the shelves, brought them piece by piece downstairs and reassembled them. They're now happily residing in the 'craft nook'.

Then it was in with the sofa table that was so kindly donated to us fo' free. When it came to me, it was a lighter oak, so after a little sanding, staining and poly-ing, it's a deep dark warmer tone that works with the rest of our furniture. The chalkboard was also an upcycled freebie. The old frame was painted and fitted with a chalkboard. More on those projects later, I did actually take before and after photos...the picnic basket is holding/hiding all my fitness magazines. The candle holder is another goodwill upcycle made from a platter and a silver cake display.

So now my soothing wall looks more like this, ahhh, that's better:


spring has sprung


Well, to be honest this photo was taken sometime early last week. Those tulips have bloomed and peaked and are now losing their petals. Although the four I cut and brought inside are doing remarkably well.

Spring has been especially fun for me this year because since we bought our house in the fall and everything was sadly overgrown, I didn't have any idea what was planted anywhere. Lucky for me there are beautiful buds and flowers and flowering trees everywhere. I even discovered I have about 5-6 lilac bushes spread around the property. Once those are in bloom I'll be cutting and displaying and smelling to my little hearts desire. There's nothing like free flowers!

Oh and that tree you see there, the one every single contractor/worker {even the husband} has been asking if i'm cutting down. Yeah, turns out it's a weeping cherry and now i'm so glad I've stuck to my guns because it is gorgeous. And that glimmering taxi cab yellow door? Well, I think it's growing on everyone...

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

brooklyn cherry blossom festival


So we took a last minute trip to Brooklyn on Saturday, and I have to say I'm glad I decided to go for so many reasons.

First, I was able to spend what will likely be my last trip to the city with Carrie, who will soon be off off and away thanks to her house selling in a mere week! I have to say I'm not really happy they're all leaving but I am happy for her that everything is working itself out...
I was also able to meet the other half of this splendid couple, aren't they adorable?
Then there was plenty of girl time and of course all the amazing food. There's nothing like eating some great Italian food under the Brooklyn Bridge.
Another very important reason is that I had the opportunity to mark something off my nyc bucket list. When I lived in Brooklyn I always wanted to go to their botanical gardens for the cherry blossom festival and though there was no time to do it while I lived there, I was able to mark it off this past weekend.
If anyone's ever interested in going it is well worth it. They do a beautiful job with all their gardens, there's some great japanese food to try, and the costumes {both traditional and not so much} are fun to see. The girls loved all the cartoon get-ups and seeing all the crazy dresses {and wigs} the women were wearing.
All in all it was a great trip even though i'm still recovering from all that walking!

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

craft night: magnets are fun

and easy, and necessary if you take a quick glance at Marybeth's fridge. Sorry MB, but I had to call you out on it. So tonight, bring some magnets, some felt if you have any, scrapbook paper and anything else that tickles your bare fridge fancy.

Here are some links to tutorials I thought were worthy:

marble magnets
square glass magnets
wood magnets
felt magnets
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