Friday, September 29, 2006

let me buy you a bottled water...

one of the main reasons i avoid the gym at night: the dating scene.

dating? at a gym. yep. i know, who wants to meet and greet covered in sweat with hair frizzing in every known direction and thinking, did i not have any non-stretchy pants clean? well lastnight as the sweat started to form a nice little wet spot on my t-shirt, i felt eyes. macking on me. seriously. when i looked up there he was. patiently waiting for the single bottle of spray cleaner. so i thought, oh good, that's all he wants. then again, macking with the eyeballs but not waiting for anything. just for eye contact i guess... at least it wasn't as awkward as creepy guy hovering over me while i did curls, telling me all about his ex-girlfriend and how mean she was and how he was getting the rest of his things out of her place that night, yadda yadda. that was bad. and awkward. and i slightly recall a mullet. this was just eye contact. but still, the gym is not a bar. women are not there to find a ride home. for the love of all things elliptical, please leave the sweaty woman alone.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

sweet sweet t-shirt

sweetsweet.jpg, originally uploaded by tinkerellen.

the above is another design for a t-shirt. what do you think about the tail, should it stay or go? i don't know if anyone will buy one, but wouldn't it be cool to see someone walking around wearing something you designed? i'm working on a couple others when i have the time.

alright, so onto the actual news. well, just news about me. because blogs are selfish. i think we covered that in another post. i'm feeling better, yesterday was rough, was sore and had to drive for three hours but i tried to keep my neck and back loose by planting mums and vacuuming the house. good idea? who knows. but i feel great today so woohoo.

the car is in the shop. poor car that i haven't even made one payment on yet. supposedly the damage is about 2500 $s. nuts right. well it looks like the car absorbed most of the impact so i didn't have to. which means it did exactly what it was supposed to. yay for buying the #1 safety rated vehicle in it's class.

thinking about getting a laptop. the husband and i might go look tonight. it would be nice to do work on the go and just to have in general, for when i see clients or go travel around deadlines, etc. nothing expensive. in fact, there's a comp store in town that's shutting down and they sell macs. so we'll see.

Monday, September 25, 2006

i'll take a mcdrama with that.

got in a teeny tiny fender bender this morning. that's what happens when i stress out about being places early. this is why i freelance. i shouldn't be required to be there prior to when i want to be. in fact, i shouldn't be required to be anywhere but in front of my computer in my pajamas. anyway, i'm not hurt, and neither is the woman i collided with {which is really just a nice way to say smashed into}.

but my brand new car is cracked up, smashed up, and generally sad. it's getting dropped off in the a.m. and i'll have a rental for the next few days. hopefully the damage isn't extreme. it doesn't look it, but you never know. my neck and head are a bit stiff so i'll need to stretch out later {across my bed preferably}. on a happy note, this is my first accident in years. literally. but i bet my insurance still goes up.

Friday, September 22, 2006

sweet tees!

so i did some research and decided to put my t-shirt design online! so yes, you can now have an "I heart McDreamy" shirt! and all your friends can. i even put a pink onesie {onesie? spelled right?} on there...cute right? i was thinking of you MB.

anyway, get your own! the link is there on the side ----->
i'm thinking of getting myself one of the pink sleeved baseball jerseys myself.

i'm excited, can't you tell by all the exclamation points i never use?

everything falls perfect

today is one of those days. the days you have a few times a year. where you can just relish in the weather. it's cool enough to wear a sweater but warm in the sun, and the breeze is nothing less than refreshing. my favorite season.

i was born in fall, maybe that explains my love of all things orange. fall for me is a rebirth, which is strange since everything around you pretty much dies in fall... but whenever it gets here i feel refreshed, rejuvenated and alive. i look at the things around me like i was looking at them for the first time wishing i could spend every day like that. i wonder if fall makes everyone feel this way?

so here i sit and mcdaydream. my entire lunch hour.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

i heart mcdreamy

mcdreamy, originally uploaded by tinkerellen.

i know i know. it seems like forever since i wrote anything meaningful. wait, have ever written anything meaningful? eh, whatever.

i've been uber busy as they say in germany. but the good news is i've picked up more work which equals more money which equals more shopping. it's a wonderful cycle of consumerism and covetousness.

so this design is for my little party tomorrow. they're t-shirt iron-ons and i love 'em. in fact, there will be one in my next little give-a-way. not for sale though, sorry loves, i'm pretty sure i would get sued by someone with way more money than me. currently i have cupcakes in the oven which i will accessorize with some skulls. pretty ghoulish yes? i was going more for medical, but the halloween pickings were slim and so was my time.

one more day till more mcdreamy kids...


it's a pretty good indication that something is clearly not good for you if it doesn't expire for a year. on that note, i went to the gym this morning, so i'm gonna eat it anyway.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


how many digital chia pets must one kill before being considered irresponsible?

tagged in the heart, and you're to blame

i've been tagged which i'm ok with, since it rarely happens among bloggers. i mostly ignore the live journals and myspace tags. there's just not enough time in the day to answer 72 questions about my first pet and kindergarten, 18 times...

Three things I am doing right now: searching images for an ad, creating a poster, and sizing an ad. {and chewing gum!}

Three nicknames: tink, riellen, and one i have to censor that my husband calls me.

Three people that make me laugh: marybeth, daniel, and john heder.

Three things on my floor: ipod headphones, my beloved coach bag and {works} G4.

Three things I can do: i'm with you kelly, i can spend $$$ like it's an olympic sport. i can paint, and i can bake a mean apple pie.

Three things that I love: the ocean, autumn and my jean jacket.

i'm not going to tag three people because that's too much pressure, BUT if i had to it would be 'loggorhea', 'letter to the world' and 'all my fat love'. suckas.

Monday, September 18, 2006

open invitation

to a grey's anatomy party. {and i found out my hairdresser watches too, so now my haircuts fly by...} anyway, i'm thinking of hitting up the party store to look for anatomy related finds and foods. maybe some bone sprinkles, courtesy of halloween. or some funny bones, the best non-food food ever. i love fall tv. and mostly mcdreamy.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

say yay

so i had a thought recently. {as my mom would say: they don't come along often. silly mum.} i'm planning on putting up about 4-5 {maybe more} new photo prints on the site (check sidebar links --->) BUT i need to order a couple for myself SO...if i get some other orders i can take off about 5 dollars for the shipping: 11x17 would be $20 and 16x20 would be $30. a sort of SALE if you will.

Anyway, i should do this in the next week or so. If anyone's interested let me know. {and let you're peeps know please} also, if there's something in particular you're looking to get an {awesome} image of, or have an odd-sized {but really cool and on clearance so who wouldn't buy it} frame to fill send me an e-mail and we'll chat.

long time, no stories

i tried to save a pigeon yesterday but someone else beat me to it. he was laying on the sidewalk trying to stay out of everyones way. it looked like his legs were broken and i just assumed he flew into the building so i went back to my office, called around and finally found a rehabilitation center for wildlife. who knew? i made plans to pick him up after work and drive him to this ladies house, but alas, when i went back to get him, he was gone. so i'm going to imagine that some nice person took him somewhere for help before i could. or that the tomato i left him really was the nourishment he needed to heal and fly away.

Friday, September 08, 2006

growing up is painful

i've officially started saving for retirement. i think this means i have to get rid of my hello kitty pencil case and ever single sticker i own. along with my muppets audio tape. and those strawberry shortcake ziplock bags i just bought.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

randomness eventually leads to madness

abby, originally uploaded by tinkerellen.

the weekend was a good one. we spent most of our time relaxing and playing poker and being bombarded by babies. i was able to meet up with MB and Sarah at friendly's for some bad service and good conversation. we gave MB a hard time about being an evil myspace sinner and Sarah's little girl is too stinking adorable. the car was awesome. plenty of room for our bags and a couple of stops at the outlets, i even slept a bit {comfortably} on the way home yesterday. our small car still hasn't sold so we're dropping the price this week and hoping for the best.

trying some new 'origins' facial products this week while trying to expand my horizons from 'the body shop'.

in other unrelated news, my fake chia pet died because i did not pretend to water it. seriously, i was out of work for a few days and it kicked the terra cotta pot.

{poor steve irwin's family}

Friday, September 01, 2006

for jennifer

outlets, originally uploaded by tinkerellen.

this is to show her the cute clothes we talked about lastnight. the two tees are stretchy which is really comfortable. i still need to get a better tank top for under the middle shirt...oh, and i don't like my hair growing out so i cropped it off in all the pics.. (i thought i liked it until i saw it in the pictures)

we're going to CT for the weekend if my husband would ever get out of work...

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