Wednesday, January 31, 2007

stock photography and sunshine

so i'm going to tell you all something even though my better judgement tells me i shouldn't. because usually i get excited about something but then it turns out to be nothing special and i'm left feeling like a failure open to scorn. BUT i'll tell you anyway. tonight i uploaded 10 photos to an online national photo vendor. the problem is, i have to get at least 4 approved in order to have my account accepted. in other words, if i don't get at least 4 accepted, i'll be wondering if the menial profit is really worth it. and it's only profit if people keep downloading your photo. SO unless it's great, i won't be making enough money to even see a check each month. i don't know, i'm nervous, but i thought what the heck, right?

also, i reserved a ticket to florida! for next month! or this month technically. i'll be staying with a friend outside of tampa. i'm so totally thrilled about this because as i'm sitting here fumbling around on this keyboard I. Am. Shivering. literally. my hands are ice cold and i'm tempted to forgo the laundry and the dishes and just run upstairs to the bathtub. i. hate. winter.


dating.jpg, originally uploaded by tinkerellen.

apparently married people and felons aren't allowed to find love.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

some new prints

IMG_6475_beach.jpg, originally uploaded by tinkerellen.

for purchase here. i know i've been slacking and i have more {of course} to put up BUT i hope you'll all take a look at the new ones...

and there's a few beach photos, which we all know is a welcome site for the northeasteners in january. they'll make you all warm and fuzzy inside. i promise.

Monday, January 29, 2007

chocolate chip irrationality

{after a long argument in which i defend dyeing my grey hairs at that exact moment with nasty chemical loreal dye instead of all-natural hair dye from the now-closed-for-the-day natural store because i am just sick of having grey hair at 29 and i too want to be pretty}

j: are you PMSing?
me: grrhabahababammms nsnjji. {angrily}
j: i thought so.

{seconds later i'm sobbing at the mere fact that he has just stolen a bite of MY chocolate chip cookie.}


presents, originally uploaded by tinkerellen.

i love my wrist warmers. manda, thanks bunches. and the chocolate tea looks interesting, i'll have to give it a try. if it tastes anything like hot cocoa, i'll be hooked. and my first marymo handmade thing! i love it, i've already put it to use in my big bag o'stuff {aka: purse} and they all couldn't come at a better time.

i'll make a long week short and summarize. wednesday night i checked into the ER. i thought i had appendicitis. never research an illness online. you WILL think you have ALL of the symptoms and your mind WILL run with it. but i did have severe abdominal pain and it wasn't going away. after hours of peeing in cups, stickings with needles, drinkings of nasty fluids, drafty hospital garments, IVs {which cause me to break out} and high-level radiation scans: they find nothing. zip. zero. niet. {i think that's german for nothing?} so i went home at 3 {the awesome husband came and picked me up after only an hour of sleep and a shower} and we both called into work that day. it started feeling better. i went to a surgeon on friday. it felt even better. he said i don't-didn't-never-had appendicitis. and i don't have a hernia. his best guess is i had an ovarian cyst that burst and released some fluids {which he noticed on the scan} into my body causing the pain. yippee. no surgery. no anesthesia. no puking. all in all, it turned out well. yay for bursting ovarian cysts...

hope you all had a stellar weekend. and just remember, your appendix is completely useless.

Friday, January 26, 2007

friday faves: ribbons

ribbons, originally uploaded by tinkerellen.

i truly have an obsession. {this is merely a few from the collection.} i have to have cute ribbon for every project i do. i found the wooden spools of ribbon at michaels the other day after reading someone else's blog. they were right, they have the cutest ribbons ever right now. i also purchased the two rolls on the left there, i have a thing for swirls and flowers so the hardest part about these was choosing which color schemes...

i'm working on a 6x6 book right now of 3x3 black and white photos of me and the husband. it's been a work in progress for a couple of years so i figured now would be a good time to get my butt in gear and finish it. i'm using some of these ribbons on that. the brown floral one here is wrapped around the cover. maybe when i finish it i'll post some pics.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

is getting tagged like getting a forward?

either way, here's 6 strange things about me as tagged by sara.

1} i had a dream once that i was godzilla, tearing apart a village because i was having a heart attack. i didn't really want to destroy the village, it was uncontrollable kicking and tossing and throwing. i felt really bad but the villagers didn't understand dinosaur language.

2} i like prunes. i just do. whenever i see them in the store i think 'man, i wish i was forty years older so i could just buy those'.

3} i get giddy when i see a Target open up. in fact i'm ecstatic that they're opening one {possibly a greatland to rival the w-mart supercenter across the street} about 3 minutes from me this year...

4} i dream about losing or forgetting my camera ALL THE TIME.

5} i have a sweater fetish. must. buy. more.

6} i get so cold in the winter that sometimes i get angry or cry about it.

i'm tagging kelly, sydlowskiiii, jen {because then maybe she'll actually start her reading reviews blog} and jolly {even though i'm pretty sure he doesn't have a blog}. happy forwarding.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

rollin' with my snowmies.

snowpeeps, originally uploaded by tinkerellen.

Monday, January 22, 2007

snow camp colors

snow camp images, originally uploaded by tinkerellen.

a few interesting images from the weekend. did my best to stay warm. nearly peed pants on tubing run. three helpings of french toast. 8 girls giggling at 2 in the morning. definately going back next year.

Friday, January 19, 2007

friday favorites: resolutions and winter solutions

so i have a budget now. {seriously} it was a new years resolution for my husband and i to start saving money. he has a budget too. except he doesn't really keep track of it. the only thing is if we want to purchase high-ticket items we have to save our $$. it's really a great idea for a shopaholic like me. not only do i curb my spending, but i end up buying things i really really want, guilt-free. it's my new favorite guilt-free within-a-budget past-time.

so some favorites for the week:
• $4 old navy black knit scarf. it's super long and tight-knit so it's warm and toasty in the office.
• imogen heap. can't. stop. listening. if you haven't checked her out by now then you truly don't value my opinion. {and you will have bad luck for 3 years if you don't tell 10 friends about her}
• red hot chili peppers 'stadium archadium' cd. heather over @ 4 sweet peas mentioned this last week and i have to agree. i love this album. thanks to rich.
• brush-on bronzer beads from BodyShop. absolutely love my new $3 sale find. it gives me that not-so-dead look that my skin craves in the winter.
• accomplishment. i'm nearly done with a friend's website. {and it inspired me with ideas for my own} wa-hoo.
• borrowing: lent snow pants for this weekend saves me big money on something i would never use.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

tell me what i want what i really really want

i want a macbook pro. laptop. sleek. slim. hot. design on the go. the husband and i travel so much it just makes sense. right? and i did just finish a job that would cover the costs. and i'm pretty sure it's a tax write-off being that it would be used for business ect. so do i break down and get one now or do i wait patiently for apple to introduce the next best thing and lower the price a few hundred. decisions decisions. all i know is i'm obsessed with getting a laptop, i just hate that feeling of walking out the door and being so disconnected and unproductive.

{oh and ps. yes, i did have a friday post here but i pulled it in suspense for tomorrow. i don't know why but my body clock totally thinks today is friday. hopefully only a couple of people read it or tomorrow's post will feel regurgitated and stank..}

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

seriously. frigid.

so we're experiencing the coldest day of the year and already i'm looking for plane tickets to florida. not that i love florida, but it's a cheap flight, it's warmer than here, and i have a friend i could mooch off for at least a week before the night-time screams of small children drives me away.

me and cold weather, we just don't mix. i'm the type of person who wears a cardi in the peak of summer. when you start throwing 4 degree {heck yes batman} weather at me i shrivel, literally. so, with only one week of snow and ice, i've already morphed into winter-me. which involves a lot of hot showers, hot soup, cough drops, layers of warm wool clothing, fleece blankets at work and sobbing from sun-deprevation. let's hope this one only lasts a few months.

Monday, January 15, 2007

e-mail forwards = e-vil

i really hate them. most of the time, if you send me a forward, i don't even open it. i click on it, then click on delete. it's harsh i know, but i don't need to waste my time reading 792 different ways to floss my teeth or 92 ways to call the police on my cell phone when stranded in my car aside a lake overflowing with rabid snakehead fish who just so happen to know how to unlock the car doors on a ford fusion.

so you can understand my delight when i opened e-vil forwarded e-mail today and was so sick of the guilty photo of a lung-cancer child victim begging me to forward it to every single e-mail i posessed in my address book {or i had the heart of a newt} so she could get 7 cents each time. so i did some research. i went to the actual website of said foundation that was supporting said child and searched the name. up pops this page about the false names and the chain letters and the foundation's claim to have nothing to do with said chain letters {along with instructions to not forward letters since it does indeed hinder the foundations work and takes them away from real children with real problems}.

so support real charities and stop forwarded e-vils today.

this message brought to you by your local annoyed e-mail recipient.

Friday, January 12, 2007

friday favorites: good stuff man

favorites, originally uploaded by tinkerellen.

so here's a few:
free music
free fake coach bags
over-priced trendy caffinated drinks.

latest music obsession: imogen heap {check out speeding cars}
latest hair obsession: headbands {need to pick up a few this weekend}
latest time obsession: trying to figure out this stupid new google blogger {a great refresher course in html}
latest color obsession: pink {sorry jen}
latest stress-relief obsession: baths {thanks to a crazy work week}

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

don't eat the yellow snow.

snow, originally uploaded by tinkerellen.

apparently, i should never ever ever write about something that's going well in my life, because it's a gaurantee it'll fall to crap. we got about a foot of snow lastnight and this morning it's like a blizzard out there. in normal people land anyway. but it is kind of nice, being that it's the first {okay second} really big storm. you're not sick of the gray and cold just yet, so you can still bask in the beauty of the fluffy white stuff.

the one thing that i've noticed about living in a climate like this, is that even when we're getting pummelled {sp?} with snow, the city still functions the same. as if we all weren't all trudging around in a foot of snow. but in my case it'ld probably be better if i would just suck it up and wear my snow boots when i must.

Monday, January 08, 2007

i heart global warming

this winter hasn't even started yet and i couldn't be happier about that. this week we're supposed to get some snow but then it'll warm up and most likely melt by the end of the week. i'm chaperoning a snow camp in two weeks and we're wondering if there'll even be snow. i guess it'll be dodgeball instead of sledding and scarfs instead of snow suits. but i'm really looking forward to having a normal winter like everyone else. you know, where it starts in january and ends in april. leonardo dicaprio must just be upset that LA is only getting 50 degree weather instead of the normal 80. stick it in your prius' tailpipe leo. i'll take the 50's.

Friday, January 05, 2007

seriously? could it be that easy?

i was just goofing off and checking out some other blogs. apparently some people CHARGE {actual money} for blog headers {or buttons, i'm multi-talented people, i can do it all}. not that i'm going to charge you peeps who know who you are BUT if you have friends who love your custom header creations by moi, please forward them my e-mail! {i also reserve the right to use any of your blogs as example work! ha, suckas!}

Thursday, January 04, 2007

new year new you.

i'm off to the doctor to find out if they can fix my nose. i have a nostril that collapses when i breathe in deep. not a huge issue unless you like oxygen. or you prefer your nostrils not freeze together on a cold day. or you like that whole symetrical thing. plus it's a bit crooked so if they can fix that while they're in there, bonus.

also doing well on the whole eating healthy, meal planning and exercising thing this week. it IS the first week, but it only takes 21 days to create a habit right? only 19 more to go. piece of pie.

so what are you doing to better your life this year?

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

hello ocean, goodbye cloudy skies.

christmas woot, originally uploaded by tinkerellen.

check it out, it's a bazillion photos smashed into a 5x5 tile. we did so many things this past week it's hard to not feel bad making you look at 300 photos of me, and me.

starting from the left is the one, the onlys, sara and marybeth, with whom i shared a delicious outback dinner and some swell conversation about circumcision. next is my new favorite picture of the husband and me on the beach in rhode island {freezing our butts off but looking fabulous}. down to quincy market in boston {it snowed and was absolutely picturesque for half the day}. left of that is the unbrella factory, this wicked neat hippy commune in rhode island where they let you feed emuus {sp?} and buy hand knit hats.

left to that is jen and i enjoying some much needed time together, haven't seen each other since the trip to cali in june, what what?? below is the beach again, it was an amazing sky with beautiful waves and a chilly breeze. to the right is me introducing the girls to my favorite store: the body shop...year end sale, score.

and that's the trip in a 5x5 nutshell. glad to be back but man is it busy after the holidays. making up for all the ignoring of everyday things in the midst of the hussle. such is the new year.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

welcome back cotter

or is it carter? i never really knew.

anyway, i'm back in town. we came back after boston on saturday, a couple of days earlier than we expected. which worked out well since the outlets were closed and i couldn't do any monetary damage to my checkbook. {love those after-christmas sayals} i got some pictures on their way, hoping to look through them all today or tomorrow...busy busy.

i also got some new years resolutions:

eat healthy! but seriously, actually eat healthy this year. and make it a habit.

get in shape! spin class should help in that department. bye bye saggy butt.

curb that frivelous spending habit. sticking to the allowance and saving up for something jazzy instead of just buying everything. dern those incredible sale prices....
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