Wednesday, August 31, 2005

the smoothie powered car

3 dollars a gallon. Insane. What is this overpriced overworked world coming to? Yu'ld think with all the technological advances man has made in the past 50 years that we might be able to come up with something other than petrol to power our vehicles. No. Instead we insist on relying on the natural resources of other countries who hate us to power our lives. Does this make any sense? No. And that's why we're doing it. Because there are people who are afraid we'll disturb a caribou in Alaska if we drill our own natural resources. And yet these same people drive to work everyday without concern because their gas comes from the desert overseas, and everyone knows that there are no caribou in the desert.

Monday, August 29, 2005

hate mail virgin

I have officially sent hate mail through the post office. I've never sent hate mail before. I was a hate mail virgin but now my hate mail virginity is gone and i'm a hate mail slut. I wonder if people would pay me to send them hate mail?

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Just another day

in paradise. I went to the outlets. I bought some things for the husband on my way back from RI but apparently they were the wrong items and so there's my explanation for spending 3 hours at the outlets. I have a corderoy fetish. I picked out 3 bags and one jacket and decided that I should forgo the corderoy pants. The bags are great, and so organized since i've never really bought 3 bags at once before. I got one tan bag that was smaller for here and there, one larger one (in dark blue) for work and maybe even school or out and about, and one large one (PINK!) which is perfect for school books or plane trips or day trips. And i got incredible deals which is always rewarding. Think of all the money I saved by buying everything.

Wow. I sound so shallow.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

first day of school

and my mom didn't even pack me a lunch. damn.

it was a decent day. I got everything i needed, like books, parking permit, etc. I actually picked up some books online at amazon which i've never done but i saved lots of bucks. Too bad i didn't firgure this out until my last semester.

EDIT: stupid Amazon hadn't updated their inventory lists and one book wasn't available. I'm sueing. For inventory neglegence.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Gone to Rhode Island

Rhode Island trip, originally uploaded by tinkerellen.

again. This time was great. I got to spend a couple of days with my mother, one day with my cousin, and some time here and there visiting others. Plus a trip to the beach, Del's lemonade, and some decent shopping trips. All in all it was a fun trip but it's so nice to be home. Even though it sucks here.

Rhode Island trip, originally uploaded by tinkerellen.

This is where I fell over the rocks and busted my camera along with my head.

Just kidding.

Judging by my grandmother's face

Rhode Island trip, originally uploaded by tinkerellen.

you'ld think she just got goosed.

Mom and Me

Rhode Island trip, originally uploaded by tinkerellen.

How cute, we match.

The only windmill

Rhode Island trip, originally uploaded by tinkerellen.

in Rhode Island. It's such a small state and yet I ocassionally bump into things I've never seen before.

what a smacker

Rhode Island trip, originally uploaded by tinkerellen.

My cousin and I in about 20 years.


Rhode Island trip, originally uploaded by tinkerellen.

I miss the ocean like I'm sure I would miss my spleen.

Watch Hill

Rhode Island trip, originally uploaded by tinkerellen.

Where the shops are trendy and flip-flops go for 30 bucks.

Eh oh, oh eh

Rhode Island trip, originally uploaded by tinkerellen.

I'm only putting this photo on here so my cousin can hate me. We spent our monday with the traditional Chen's Chinese, TJMaxx, and lounging on the beach. Which in my book, is a perfect day.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

with matching neon triangle jewelry to boot.

When did groucho pants become stylish? Where was I when someone thought lots of loose hanging fabric in a single pant leg was brilliant and oh so georgeous darling? Oh wait, I remember, I was in grade school. And they were called coulottes. And I cried because my mother was forcing me to wear them to summer camp where I was sure to be the laughing stock of the cabin since mine were all these strange and unflattering patterns like neon triangles or graphic ribbons and not matching and suave like all the rich girls I was surrounded by who got their coulottes store bought. Mine came straight from the sewing machine. Not that I'm complaining, if I was my mother I would have done the same thing. Spend money on coulottes? No thank you. Not even to ensure my daughters place in the cool crowd of 7th graders. Because she knew one day I would look back on those snooty girls and think, suckers. Of course, they're probably just all ecstatic that their coulottes are finally back in style.

Friday, August 12, 2005

The windy city

chicago, originally uploaded by tinkerellen.

Such a good sport

chicago, originally uploaded by tinkerellen.

He didn't even complain when I said I wanted to try lunch at this trendy place called Oysy. He even ate some sushi and poked around at the tofu salad.

There are gardens in the middle of the roads

chicago, originally uploaded by tinkerellen.

It was like a giant butterfly massacre.

there's that point

chicago, originally uploaded by tinkerellen.

where you realize you're getting old. You have bags under your eyes bigger than your breasts and you get carded even though your husband so helpful-like points out your gray hairs to the bartender.

the glorious ride home

chicago, originally uploaded by tinkerellen.

No turbulance, two packs of mini pretzels and five chapters of a new book. Good flight.

Monday, August 08, 2005

and so I say goodbye

to all you, my friends. I'm leaving on a jet plane in about 4 hours to sweet sweet Chicago. I promise to have lovely pictures to post of all my adventures. Goodbye Salt City, hello Windy City.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

I have a huge problem and I need YOUR help!

How do you dunk Oreo's without getting that i've-just-spilled-a-jar-of-pepper-in-my-milk milk? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

tubes o' fun

tubing, originally uploaded by tinkerellen.

We tubed!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

when I do have my camera

I see things like a neat building or a river or an old lady feeding pigeons. When I don't have my camera I see things like squirrels sitting on headrests in cars. There he was. Hanging out. Eating something. Not sure what. As I got out of my car he started to scamper. I attempted to toss raisins inside of the car to make him stay and enjoy his whatever in peace, but he left anyway. And now, the owner of said car will get in their seat tonight and think, where the hell did these raisins come from?

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

piggy got back

piggy got back, originally uploaded by tinkerellen.

I got this from my cousin who's out in LA. I'm not sure if miniature farm animal writing instruments are the hottest thing on rodeo drive yet, but they definately should be.

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