Wednesday, September 30, 2009

fall should always be

tweed skirts and leather boots, jean jackets and light scarves. fall should always be chilly mornings and yellow leaves, hot chai and apple cider, sunflowers and apple pie. fall should always be new england towns and empty beaches, pumpkins on porch steps and leaves on cement sidewalks.

this is my fall. what should yours be?

Saturday, September 26, 2009

candid camera

i decided that i needed a good temporary case for the new slim camera to keep it from getting all scratched up in my bag, so i sewed! i had some navy and pink felt and leftover ribbon scraps from all the keyfobs i've been making {in preparation for another tinkerwiththis pre-gifting season party}.

voi la. it's about 4x5 inches, doubled up felt, velcro closure, with navy exterior and pink interior, AND i just happened to make two. which means there's an extra.

it'll be $8.00 including shipping, so first come first serve! email me at if you want it. i'll take payment in check or paypal. if you pay with check i'll wait until i get the check to ship it. if you paypal the money, i'll send it out asap. thanks!

Friday, September 25, 2009


at least someone found a good use for some weird art outside the entrance to central park.

fall is my favorite time in the city, the air is cool, people are starting to bundle, the boots are out and everyone's just a bit more relaxed. right now i'm listening to 'sideways' by citizen cope. it feels perfect for a lunchtime stroll through the park. check it out.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

on my way home

spent the week in manhattan with the husband, enjoying all that crazy traffic and road closures and expensive food. it feels good to be home in brooklyn, but i am going to miss that two minute walk to work.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

pin cushion jar 101: what not to do

i tried my best to get some good pictures of this QUICK and EASY project but all i got were these images of hot glue oozing from places it shouldn't have and wonky stuffing. but you get the idea.

i still think it's cute and as soon as i get myself some new pins to fill up the jar i'm sure i'll love it. i'm thinking i should have used a smaller jar though. i could always make another and use this as a button jar/pin cushion. i have some old mint tins too that i'm going to try this on....

say yes to the dress

especially a cute long one that you can use year round.

flip flops or heels for summer, boots and a jacket for fall, boots and a wool wrap sweater for winter, and a light cardigan and sneakers for spring. that's a pretty versatile 7 dollars!

Monday, September 14, 2009

early gifting

for moi. i've been WANTing to upgrade my small point and shoot camera for some time now (something smaller, more megapixels) but i haven't really NEEDed to. that is until recently, when that big black scary glob started crawling into all my pictures. so i felt pretty confident it was time to break down and force (oh must i really?) myself to buy a new one (forget jewelry, technology is a girl's best friend.)

so i know you can't really see most of the info up there BUT i ended up with a teeny tiny canon digital elf for zero dollars. 12 megapixels FREE. seriously. i love discover card rewards. happy early birthday to me!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

for you

another favorite photo from the weekend.

(looking forward to a weekend at home. aaaaah.)

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

holy cow

well, i bet you weren't expecting to see a large photo of a cow this morning when you clicked on the link for my blog, did ya?

no, no, there are no farms in the middle of new york city, unless you count the central park zoo. we were in connecticut this past weekend, enjoying the days off, the sunshine, riding the motorcycle (without having to avoid taxi cabs), and the space. it's nice to spread out every now and then.

along with spending some time at the fair (and eating the bext chicken and corn on the cob ever) we saw a movie, spent some time with friends new and old, went to the beach (i got fried, serious 'irish tan' going on here) and went to church. all in all it was a fabulous weekend.

back on the home front, we've rearranged the apartment (again) and the good news is we have more space than before! the bad news is there are a few things that need to get out of here and into storage. we need a second apartment for all this storage! sometimes living in small space is difficult, even for two people.

back to slathering on that aloe! thankfully the swollen ankles have gone down...

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

and since i promised

here's one more thing to make my mother cringe. shame on me for causing her to worry about my safety.

i'll now be using my sad lonely bicycle more and more because, wait for it: it's not sad and lonely anymore! this past weekend the husband finally replaced his stolen bicycle with a brand new one! although i was none too happy about the added expense (thank you very much stupid nyc thief), it is nice and handy to be able to bicycle to our destinations together. i even bought a nifty basket for mine, so i'll be making small trader joe runs when we're out of the necessities. here's to living dangerously! sorry mom!

my grandmothers pearls

albeit they're total costume jewelry, i love that i can wear these and be reminded of her and her love to get all decked out for church.

anyway, plain white tshirt, black blazer, some boyfriend jeans and cute heels i bought at khols a few years back. someone asked if i was a dancer this day but i think the hair threw them off. i'm the most uncoordinated person i know, so this struck me as incredibly funny. i've never been accused of being graceful.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

green screen

seriously. does this look like a fake background or what? i wish i could learn how to take graceful pictures. keep my chin tucked, tilt my head slightly, smile softer, but no, there i am with a big cheasy grin on my upturned unflattering face.

well, at least i remembered to keep my shoulders back. but look at that sunset!

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