Monday, November 29, 2010

craft happy


I had a little assistant helping to model a Christmas gift during crafty afternoon yesterday. This is a $1 hat with an easy felt flower embellishment. Takes just a few minutes to make and looks oh so cute. Wouldn't you agree?

Although I may need to pick up a couple more of these hats from Target for our next crafty day cause they were in high demand from the little Christmas elves.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

getting crafty with it, na na na na nana na

Yes, I really did just make you sing that. You're welcome.

I'm really getting tired of all the painting this place requires, so I've mentally taken a break and some time to put a few small Christmas gifts together. I also stamped my own cards this year for a measly 9 dollars. Wahoo. Plus, I got all fancy with them and added little gems to each card. I thought about glitter but then remembered my lifelong hatred for little tiny specs of crap everywhere. If you're sending me a card with glitter on it, I beg you, please reconsider. I open them over the trash can, read them while still in the envelope, and immediately throw them away.

I'm really digging green and blue lately, not sure why but it's sparking a creative twitch in me every time I see the combo. So for Christmas decor I'll be sticking with these muted blues and greens and throwing in a cranberry red. Mmmm, I like it.
I also had some creative inspiration to make more ribbon belts and headbands using these tutorials: felt pom poms, which I don't REALLY love, but might try using upholstery fabric like she suggested, scrunchy rosettes, which I do LOVE and this tutorial which I haven't had time to try yet...can you tell I'm really digging flowers lately? I want them on everything, my shirts, dresses, belts, headbands and necklaces. I'm a bit obsessed. Luckily I haven't had the time to make so many, and most of what I've made is heading out the door as gifts...
Anyway, HAPPY THANKSGIVING if I don't talk to you tomorrow. I'm off to clean, do laundry, grocery shop and just generally prepare for our guests coming in tonight...and maybe make some more belts, but no, I shall resist!

Monday, November 22, 2010

it's all in the details

Hello internetz! I know, I know, I've been busy. To say the least. It's been a crazy whirlwind of a year. I've been working feverishly on the house, and am ashamed to say I can't show you the after pictures due to my severe slacking off on trim work. And really, nothing looks finished without trim. So in the meantime {while i'm waiting for the first apple pies of the year to some out...yum.} i'll show you a few of the details:

updated brushed-nickel hardware, everywhere:IMG_2562_lock.jpg

a new stove with the perfect blend of modern conveniences and retro styling:IMG_2566_bake.jpg

a beautiful wood mantel, one of the few untouched surfaces in the house:IMG_2569_mantel.jpg

apples on the new island, complete with two stools for a morning hot spot:IMG_2576_apples.jpg

and the fireplace which has hosted one very warm and toasty fire, and promises to give us many more to enjoy this winter. {i've always wanted a fireplace...}IMG_2576_fireplace.jpg

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

and this is why the renovation will take us FORever.


this is a closet. ONE closet. And it's finally done. Well, minus the outer trim which isn't up anywhere yet...I figured doors were more important.

Anyway, this is the reason this reno will take us so stinking long. And why we're living in a construction zone. I wish I had a better before picture, but this will have to do. It used to have a weird platform on the floor and some nasty linoleum that matched the crazy 70s blue vibe from the bathroom. Then we tore that out and had the flooring guy install hardwoods in there.

I had to paint everything, prime the door and jam, we wainscoted the back wall to hide all those nasty sheetrock issues and left a nice neat opening for future plumbing access. Then I cut primed and painted the baseboards and put it all back together! And let me tell you, that painting was not fun, look at all those shelving nooks and crannies!

Anyway, today will be the completion of the laundry room. That way I can finally make a few loads of laundry disappear from the floor of our bedroom...

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