Friday, August 29, 2008

jumping on the "change" bandwagon

and you thought i was talking about that guy...

nope. i'm going curly. as of 5:30 next friday....

Monday, August 25, 2008

a kiss to build a dream on

aw. cute no?

calling all buttons

ok, so i have a whole office that my boss and i are trying to decorate in a cool and creative way. one of my ideas is this 'button-wall', which is really just a black tack board covered in 1 or 2" round pins. i plan to pick up these little pins everywhere i find them, but for now we have a lot of wall to cover and i want to expedite the process....

SO, this is where you all come in. have any cool or quirky pins/buttons, anything round, any size that you want to mail to me?? come on, you know you do. maybe something with your college on it? if i could get a pcc alumni button i would just about screech with excitement. maybe something from your hometown? maybe something dumb that you used to pin to your backpack in high school? something floating in your junk drawer?

anyway, email me if you need my address:

Sunday, August 24, 2008

chile cafe

so we found this great thai restaurant in a little neighborhood we've been meaning to explore. the place was great, it's decently priced, i think it was 25 dollars for both our dinners, and it has a cute candle-lit garden area in the back. also the food was pretty good. the ambiance made up for whatever we didn't like about the place, which was nothing.

the area was nice too, we found a quaint little park that i think we want to try to find an apartment next to. it would be the perfect place to cozy up with a book, and it's a little less expensive than the area we're living in now. even though it's only about 5 blocks further into brooklyn.

anyway, hanging out in connecticut today. had lots of luck at the outlets yesterday including some stellar cowboy boots on sale.

Friday, August 22, 2008

lights camera models guacamole

so i feel like the past few weeks have been a blur. it's so amazing everything that's happened to us in the past six months. some good, some incredible, some not so good and some incredible in the bad way. BUT, right now, it's ALL amazing.

i went to a photo shoot on friday and saturday, it was swell. they had tons of food around and i was pleased to see all the models pigging out. until the guacamole incident. then it was no more nachos for the models. so we had to eat them all. and then there were fresh baked cookies and fish/steak for lunch.

the makeup artist was this incredible man with one arm, and we chatted it up between shots. everyone is so nice. anyway, it was a great learning experience, my boss is tres cool and his wife is so much fun. we ended up hanging out with them in manhattan the rest of the day/night. and our stylist is great. i have high hopes that he'll help me find my style au ralph lauren...

so i love my new job. can you tell? i really do. everything's so impressive and there's so much to learn. but i'm taking it all in and trying to dive in head first. everyone around me is pretty helpful and encouraging being that a lot of this is brand new to me. but anyone who knows me is well aware of my love for fashion, er, shopping anyway. i'm not so good at putting the end product together but i'll get there hopefully.

i love the trains here. i bought an unlimited monthly pass so i feel it's a good excuse to explore every single stop on my way home. the more i use it the less each ride costs right?

alright, the husband and i are off to try another neighborhood restaurant. then it's up early tomorrow and driving to connecticut for the weekend.

ps: i'm officially OFF my target addiction. and all my other shopping addictions. pretty much. there's just no time, i don't get home till close to seven!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

i told you it would get better

me, jen and maddy on our epic walk across the brooklyn bridge. the thing is pretty impressive to see so up close and personal. and the walk is not that far, i recommend it to any visitors.

it's funny, i'm starting to really get comfortable here. i love my job, i wouldn't mind a bigger apartment, there's great pizza around the corner and i live in nyc. i always thought i would live here someday. it really sunk in when i was running along the promenade tonight soaking in all the tourists and dog walkers and lights. the manhattan skyline was so beautiful, i had to stop and stare for a minute. bright lights, big city. i'm in love.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

i miss you

sorry i haven't been around. this whole job thing is really crampin' my style ;)

so far i love my job. there's lots to learn and it's more management and decision making than sitting behind a computer. oh and i get to stare at clothes all day. how fun is that?

anyway, today i was in soho looking at the spring collection, and this friday i get to look in on my first photoshoot. AND i get my shopping discount soon so i get to update my look POLO style.

anyway, until i have something more exciting...

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

balloon animals are cool again

when they're gigantic.

so i'm here, halfway through my first work week. woohoo. well i have lots of stuff to catch up on, and no time right now, but i promise to try my hardest and keep this blog happy and cool and updated. often. i don't know how i'll do that when i'm gone every day from 8 to 7...

this is a shot from last week when jen and baby maddy came to visit! while daddy was off studying paintings, we were discovering that the MET has a way cool roof deck. with giant metal balloon animal structures atop it! i also offered to take a photo for some visitors in front of a giant balloon heart and it just happened to be their 20th anniversary, how cool is that? or 30th. i can't remember...

as you can see baby maddy was way into nyc. she slept across the brooklyn bridge, she slept in the subway, she slept in the MET, she's so adorable. and heavy.

alright, off to grab all the stuff i want to bring into the office tomorrow, cheers!

Sunday, August 03, 2008

bird on a wire

sorry it's been a while. we've been busy busy, oh yeah, and busy. a visit from cousin jen and baby maddy, the met, the park, walk across the bridge and some shopping.

hopped in the car for a last minute connecticut trip with a stop in greenwich for a gorgeous view of the ocean. then to bridgeport for some free shakespeare at the zoo. yesterday we were peach picking and today we were back home.

i've spent the night preparing for a little thing i happen to be doing tomorrow, going to work! yep, it happened, i was finally blessed with an incredible job that i hope to love and enjoy. getting a job with ralph lauren is feeling a little rachel green, but i love it. now if i could just get a huge rent-controlled apartment near central park, my sitcom would be complete...

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