Monday, October 27, 2008

Saturday, October 25, 2008

i'm only happy when it rains

it hasn't rained not one bit UNTIL we have visitors who want to see central park. then it pours. but we still got a little site-seeing in before the weather went to crap.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

the results are in

The bride loves them! All of them! This is a huge relief to me. It's like you can work really hard on something, put your heart into it, but until someone gives it the seal of approval, it doesn't even exist.

Oh and, still sick, still bored. I can't take another day of this, but from what I understand, a lot of other people are under the weather as well.

baby keyfobs

I'm cooped up in a tiny apartment with bad daytime tv and a box of kleenex. So I crafted a bit. Finally finished a couple of grettas so those will be up on etsy in time for Christmas shopping. Watched Mansfield Park again, lucky for me it was on some random channel. Made some ribbon bands for my new watch. Came up with these little mini-keyfobs with some scrap webbing and ribbon. I think these will be useful for wrapping a finger through and pulling out of a dark purse.

so basically, i'm bored.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

hot water + fresh lemon juice + honey

A trick to soothing your throat and keeping your voice from sounding like an 80 year old smokers.

Feeling a bit under the weather but I managed to spend most of the weekend outdoors in the crisp fall air. I know I know, it sounds ridiculous, but it's the only thing that seemed to make me feel better. Oh and it's pretty handy to walk only a couple of blocks when you're feeling lousy and need some meds.

A trick I learned this weekend: 'No Pudge' fudge brownie mix made with raspberry soy yogurt is ABSOLUTELY delicious. And although I didn't get to make an apple pie this weekend, the brownies more than made up for it.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Kudos to Jen, the New Zealandite

This is one of the funnest birthday gifts i've ever gotten. Not just because i love pink, and Coach, and wallets in general, but because it's so well thought out!

My lovely cousin who used to be a new yorker was bagging on me about my mondo-hugo wallet the last time she came to visit. "What are you doing?! You can't just whip out your wallet in the middle of manhattan!" Apparently she thinks i'll get mugged for my bank card and my five dollars in quarters, oh and my checks, my khols card, old navy card, polo ID, my extra Subaru key, ok, so maybe it IS one big hot mess.

So she suggested a small teeny wallet with an all in one compartment, easy to pop in and out of your bag inconspicuously while paying for that street vendor hot dog, hold the mustard. So this is her gift to me, as cute as can be and so very useful. There's a separate pocket for my metrocard, a zippered compartment for some money and a debit card along with a tres chic plaid interior.

I LOVE it Jen! if you weren't so freaking far away I would give you a hug. Move to nyc please?!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

everything that's wrong with me

or things i do poorly: {as requested by someone who should know i'm not all fabulous and together...)

i'm never on-time. well, rarely. if i have ten minutes to get ready, i'll take 15, an hour, an hour and fifteen. basically i could have enough time or not enough and i'll always be ten minutes late. and my husband's not the punctual type either, so together we're a dynamically behind-schedule duo.

i hate to clean the bathroom. absolutely loath it. so my mirrors are always spotted and the floor is always covered in grime. hey that's what bath mats are for.

i'm bad at remembering birthdays. horrible. i've made books over the past with everyone's listed BUT then i forgot to look in the book. so unless i love you dearly and grew up going to your birthday parties, don't expect a call. i wish i was better at it, because everyone loves to be pleasantly surprised on the day they dread most.

i'm chuck full of ideas, but i never follow-through. i'm a serious commitment-phobe. my husband says we would be millionaires by now if i could just translate my creativity into a business, but i can't, because then it would be work and a deadline and i'm not a huge fan of either.

i have tons of bad habits and can never create good ones. i should take my vitamins every day but instead i leave my towel on the bed. i should exercise every now and then, instead i eat a cake every now and then. i should finish projects, instead i shelve the ones i'm working on and start new ones. etc etc.

there are so many things wrong with me i could start a separate blog called 'tinkersastinker" but i'll resist. and most likely will bury this post later today with a beautiful picture of my birthday present from jen! which of course, makes me miss her even more because it's so perfectly thoughtful and useful all at the same time.

Monday, October 13, 2008

daydreaming of simple times

we've got big plans for when we finally settle down in connecticut. a couple of acres of land next to an apple farm, a few chickens, one cow, a goat and maybe some sheep. {and free eggs and milk for all our friends not to mention the prospect of a petting zoo for the kiddies.} all inspired by a weekend "breather" an hour north of the city. deep breath...ahhh.

quality of life is measured differently by everyone, but fresh air and room to spread out are enough for me. someday we'll have a fireplace and a view. and perhaps some free apples. until then we'll have road trips.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

why isn't anyone else updating?

i'm 31 and entitled to try new things. like red lips. and since it's all natural and only cost me a few dollars, i won't feel guilty if i never leave the house wearing it.

things at work are going well, i really like the job and the people are great to work with. plus i love the location and the fairly easy commute. i'm buying new clothes left and right {yay} but i just unpacked all my fall stuff and realized, much to my dismay, that i do not need any more sweaters.

i'm finally enjoying "mansfield park" even though it took about 100 pages to become interesting, and then i left it at work...have a dentist appointment next week. which sounds like a strange thing to mention, but really, finding all new doctors in a new place is always a hassle.

can i just say how tired i am of being busy. i'm yearning for a break from everything, not necessarily a vacation or anything, one weekend at home with absolutely nothing to do would suffice....

well there's my rambling for the night/morning. how about some questions i can answer next post? anyone?

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Monday, October 06, 2008

sneak peek

at the wedding from this weekend. everything went well but i don't want to give too much away before the bride sees them.

thanks for all the birthday wishes and calls. it's been a good one. here's to another year of trying new things!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

we love elizabeth

well i have to say, it wasn't what i was expecting but it was fun. yay for free tickets and for trains that run from CT to NYC.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

yay yay double yay

people are coming to visit tomorrow. the girls from the C to the T are coming in via train tomorrow a.m. for a taping of 'The View', lunch and maybe some general hanging out goodness afterwards....i'm sure i'll have lots of incriminating photos.

i'm so excited BUT it means that instead of lounging on the couch watching DVR'd Private Practice, or catching up on internetness, i should be packing for my trip to rhode island this weekend. remember that whole wedding photography thing, well it's THIS weekend. already. yup. crazy. and then when i get back it's the day i'm no longer 30, but in my thirties. ugh.
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