Monday, January 31, 2005

school daze

today i saw two separate men with one arm each. i found that odd. not that they were missing arms, but that there were two of them. i wonder if they were twins.
mohawk man decided to shave it off last week and now admits to missing it.
i learned more html coding.
yesterday i played in the snow with my husband and kicked his ass. "faceplant"
i just pulled out 11 eyebrow hairs.
we went to the outlets over the weekend and i bought a peacoat that is actually my size.
i wasted my time watching "catwoman". it was a 2 hour long Revlon commercial. i rented it for free, and even then, it wasn't worth it.
make that 12 eyebrow hairs.
i got a parking ticket on campus for 20 bucks. i appealed it. 20 bucks is a lot, man. that's like 2 1/2 whole organic chickens.
i need to remember to water my bamboo plants.
not working is awesome. just in case any of you were wondering.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Take with food

Originally uploaded by tinkerellen.
i'm such a good patient. the doctors promise i won't be crazy anymore. but really, what do doctors know?

Friday, January 14, 2005

dear diary

day number 7,843.
weight: 104
addictions: shoes

lifted today for the first time in, oh, about 3 weeks. bought two pair of $3 shoes at Target. ecstatic. learned i am a size 5 in children's shoes. when informed by my doctor that i had to take antibiotics for the next week, she spent 5 minutes emphasizing the fact that i CANNOT drink while taking the medication or i will surely puke. then i spent 20 seconds explaining to her that i don't puke, i mean, drink. always wondered how one would gain a career at stores such as Staples or Best Buy when they are far beyond the age of part time jobs or college or getting a date. also think one should be able to sue the responsible party when the sun does not appear for entire weeks. as soon as i find out who the exact bastard is, i'm calling my lawyers. am debating finding the local library and perhaps in fact, becoming a member. now that i am a poor college student i cannot afford to waste my money on books at Barnes & Nobles when it's obvious that the mooney should be wasted at Target or a fun store of my choosing. also, believe the ideology of the woman cook to be completely wrong. men are used to handling meat and dirt. it's clearly their responsibility. i'm going on strike.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005


Originally uploaded by tinkerellen.
i sat down his weekend and decided to sketch a little. It's been a while, but this is what i came up with. She has a big forehead.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

when will i be loved

still too sick and exhausted to do nearly anything. that's why i'm back at work full time and heading to class for four hours right afterwards. but tomorrow, i'll have time to rest, sleep, and most importantly cut my toenails. also, tomorrow is my last day of work. this is all snowballing, but i'm keeping a positive outlook for this coming year. part of me will miss sitting in front of a computer for 8 hours a day but part of me can't wait to be hands-on and be more artisticly involved with classes. and the other bit of me can't wait to buy those warm nuts from that street vendor.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

feeling hot hot hot.

Well, i thought i could do it. Go back to work for a full day and then head to my four hour class afterwards, but i'm too tired. So tired. I need a nap. And i think i complain too much, so i'll stop here.

Today i quit my dead-end loser job. I feel great. Poor, but great.

Is it a thousand degrees in here or is it just me?

Sunday, January 02, 2005

I missed new year's.

I was asleep. By like 9 pm. If it wasn't for the flu i would deem myself the saddest human being on the planet. What a crock this vacation has been. I haven't even spent any Christmas money on post-holiday sale items of the greatest importance. Post-death state, we did get to see friends and family, play a little poker, open gifts and drink a little cheap wine. I have seen a LOT of movies though, and odly enough the ratio of films containing zombies is absolutely disturbing. I've also discovered about 8 new ways to top toast. I finished a very long book. And at the end of all of this, i now realize why everyone was in such a huff over the flu vaccine shortage. Here's to drugs. May they always be readily available.
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