Tuesday, August 31, 2004

rain rain go away....

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It's been the norm around here for a while. With weather like this, why can't we just live in London?

courtney's art

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I think this is me. Cause i fly, and wear pink dresses. And i stick my tongue out a lot too. And i have hardly any hair.

audrey's art

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I got these works of art in the mail yesterday. Artistic skills seem to run in the family.

Monday, August 30, 2004

a day in my life

7:30 wake up very late
7:50 leave for work
8:15 late for work
1:00-1:30 go get birthday card for friend (also picked up more NUMI mint tea, fantastic), make lunch & dinner, eat lunch/pack dinner, late getting back to work
4:45 leave work
5:45 arrive in College town
5:45-6:30 pick up textbooks from bookstore, pick up information packet for internship which needs to be completed and submitted in two weeks time (paperwork, not internship)
6:30-9:25 web design class
9:25-10:25 drive home
10:25 eat bowl of cereal
11:00 "not tonight Jack, going to sleep."

i've never been one for good-timing

Today is the first day of classes for fall semester. So in very Cheri-esque fashion, i didn't set my alarm right. Fortunately for me, i woke up in time to shower and show up at work only ten minutes late...note to self: never "check" alarm while half-asleep, no matter how convinced you are it's a good idea.

So i went to a job interview over the weekend. If i do get offered the job and accept it this will definately change my plans for next semester. I was planning to quit work and attend school full time, stress-free. Finish up and get back into a career that i might actually enjoy. This job however, is an opportunity that i would be hard-pressed to decline. And just when i stopped searching..why does it never work out as i plan? It's fine really, it's a nice unorganized life, but it does make things harder than they have to be. But change is good, as is 2 weeks vacation and one week of sick days.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

why i love my friends...

"...you would look funny pregnant."
"Like an impregnated bean"
"She will look like a hat! Or a snake that swallowed an elephant!"

Santa and I go way back...

I had a great day yesterday. It was like Christmas, only without the guilt, stress, hot cocoa and long lines. I had previously planned on a horrific day, my one major priority: convincing Verizon to fork over a new phone since mine hasn't worked right since the day i bought it. So already, i'm thinking, today will suck. But on the contrary! I dropped my phone off in the morning and was fairly stern about wanting a new one. They informed me I would have to pick up a new phone in the aftrenoon, since that's when the shipment was scheduled to arrive. Fine, not looking forward to the after-work customer service line, but fine. So i strut in, sit around for about 45 minutes, and end up leaving with a newer model phone, all the cool gadgets including color screen, and no customer-from-hell karma. Not too bad, overall everything went smoothly and i was pleased with Verizon once again.

Then i head off to Target to pick up a planner so my obsessive-compulsive self can stop stressing over not being able to plan my life out in September. Check it out, school supplies are on sale. So all the "cool" supplies i had been oogling are fairly cheap, and i decide to grab some junk, proud of myself for holding out those few weeks back. Also have to buy myself a pair of shoes for 3 bucks. Pink flip-flops with beading, casual dressy, can't go wrong.

Now i'm home and although the husband won't be here for dinner, i decide to make baked ziti. What the heck, throw in the whole bag. That's a lot of ziti. Looks like it's pasta for the rest of the week/weekend.

So by the end of the day, i had a brand new snazzy phone, pink shoes, a life in September, mini gel pens, dinner for three days, and a box of goodies from my best friend Daniel. And i don't have to return or fake-like any of it. It's almost better than Christmas.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

boredom sets in..

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Playing with Photoshop this morning when i should be doing work. I'm not really faced with many creative projects at my current job, so i have to stretch my mouse every once in a while. I can't wait to start my web design class on Monday. Then i can give this thing a whole new personalized look. Until then i'm just another one of the cattle...

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

when pumpkins were cool

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It's been an uneventful day, so i was scanning through some photo files...

Feast your eyes on the coolness that is me. I still love candy about that much. And striped tights. And dressing up like a pumpkin, er..just kidding?

a mello sort of mindset...

I'm feeling very much at ease now that my husband is back home. Someone to eat dinner with, watch movies with and generally just keep the house not so empty. Work has been slow for a week or so, school starts up again next Monday, planning a trip to Newport, and no immediate problems on the horizon anywhere...i feel as if i'm floating on a calm sea. I feel like i should be doing yoga, or drinking Zen tea or playing with my rock garden. Maybe i'll just sit here and finish my muffin.

Monday, August 23, 2004

woe is me

I have just used my last bag of NUMI Simply Mint Moroccan Herbal Teasan Certified Organic Tea.

Friday, August 20, 2004

give me the blues

lastnight was really fantastic. went to see "blues traveler" play in a small club venue. very packed, very hot, very loud and absolutely phenominal. got some pics but not sure if any are post worthy, i'll check them out tonight. fascinatingly good-looking base player. actually, quiet yummy. the band was awesome, the crowd went crazy with popper's rendition of "devil went down to Georgia"...definately will see them again if they come this way. quiet tired this morning however, but the tea and donuts are helping...

"this is bridget jones singing off, with well -let's face it- a bit of a crush actually."

Thursday, August 19, 2004

this is me

this is me
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snooze away, love

lastnight was some of the best sleep i've had in days. i woke up, sat straight up in bed and said.."great". then i hit the snooze three times and got up late. not much has happened yet today, so i'll just tell you all about my breakfast. breakfast is an apple cinnamon muffin and peppermint tea. i was pissed however to find they were out of chocolate chip muffins. that's like giving an addict crack for a week and then taking it away and giving him weed. cole was right, this journal is total crap.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

how does my garden grow

floral shot
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really think i am a photo genius sometimes. okay, not really, i just bought a really great digital camera. these are the only things left in my garden that i didn't destroy with neglect this summer...

smooth as a baby

i just got home from a trip to the spa. tonight i met with Kelly and she made my legs all nice and smooth for when my husband comes home. they scream "touch me". well, tomorrow they will scream "touch me", tonight they just scream. i showed Fred and to tell you the truth, i don't think he likes me much anymore.

lasagna pie

lastnight my friend heather cooked dinner for me and then i so sneakily talked her into dessert at Friendly's. i love reeses pieces sundaes. then it was home to laundry and my plants. i fed them tonight, they we're more than enthused about the whole thing. Fred, the leader, he speaks French but i'm pretty sure he said something along the lines of "you're the awesomest and i love your hairy legs."

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

internet hogs

everyone else has an on-line journal, so i figured it was about time i broke down and got my own. no one is likely to read this, especially since i don't read anyone elses. i just thought it would be interesting to try. if anyone hates it please don't hesitate to tell me, of course you don't expect me to care. so here's to insanity and the world wide web...
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