Monday, November 19, 2012

Wrap it up: yarn-covered bracelets

Want a quick and simple 'in-front-of-the-tv' project? These bangles are SO easy. Just yarn, some cheap bangles {mine were second-hand}, hot glue and away you go. I started with a knot and then glued that to the inside of the bangle for extra security. It also keeps it from moving while you wrap the rest. I actually ran out of green yarn on the large one, so I decided to use a color block of gray. Happy accident! I finished each with a dot of hot glue and voi la. Cute Christmas gifts? Why certainly. Enjoy!

Friday, November 09, 2012

A fall photoshoot with the Wares

We lucked out and decided at the last minute to have a fall photoshoot with friends. I would take some photos of them and they would return the favor. It actually had a lot of benefits, they have professional shots for family and Christmas cards, and Nate was able to play around with my camera and see if he really does want to break down and purchase an SLR. Oh, and we were able to get family pictures with the bebe, with me actually in them.

Anyway, I say we lucked out, because the foliage was beautiful even though they were calling for peak the following weekend. Well, thanks to that crazy storm Sandy, peak was really the day we were there and by the next Sunday most of the leaves had been blown off.

Here's just a few shots from the day, hopefully they won't be upset that you guys are seeing them first:

Bebe saga: when a stuffy nose is more than a stuffy nose

So this is what a sick bebe looks like around here. It's really not too awful, except the whole part where she can't breathe through her nose to nurse. That's a bummer for both of us right now, a double ouch if you will. But the good news is besides drooling like a fat kid in a candy store, she's still her happy self. Here's to hoping she feels better soon though, so we can end the steam shower/vicks rub routine and I can get back to happy bewbies.

Bebe of the boy kind

I had my second newborn session about a month ago and I'm finally able to share some of the images with you! I'm extremely happy with the way these turned out. I think the lighting in her living room ended up being perfect and the baby was pretty cooperative and alert. {And I'm getting pretty used to being peed on...} Also, I had a sitter for E this time, so I didn't have to keep her happy while strapped to my back.

I may be posting too many {what? never!}, but I hope you enjoy:

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Where the dog goes she will follow

These two are besties now. It's charming actually. E's learned to feed the dog, which she thinks is hilarious. She even shares her smoothies, which mommy thinks is disgusting and the dog thinks is awesome. E even started this game of head-butting Sadie. She cracks up and the dog just sits there and takes it because Sadie knows this is just karma getting her back for all the torture she put poor E through during the first six months. We tried to warn her!

And how cute is this:

I couldn't resist. I found the costume months ago in the dollar bin at Goodwill. It's way more than a dollars worth of adorable.

Friday, November 02, 2012

Clouds and raindrops, fitting really

I actually make things I pin on Pinterest. When I can find the time that is, or if I find something completely adorable and I must immediately run out for the supplies and whip up whatever it is. This time it was stuffed raindrops. I added the clouds myself. And instead of hand stitching the faces, I opted for an easier option, fabric paint. Here's the original post: raindrop family

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Mommy's little cupcake

I have the most adorable little bebe. No really, I do. I may be biased...

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