Friday, November 18, 2011

handcrafted Christmas: fabric covered tins

As you will see, I made a quick tutorial, but the original idea comes from here. She used fabric glue, which would probably work better, but I was too lazy to look the original instructions up, so I went with mod podge. Because who doesn't love a little mod podge?

Anyway, All you need is some mod podge, scissors, fabric scraps, old mint tins and a brush.


Place a layer of mod podge on the top of your tin and adhere your fabric scrap. Even everything out. Repeat this step with the bottom.


Trim the excess once everything is dry. I also added a bit of mod podge to the edges to help with fraying. It seems to work, and if you get any on the metal part you can just scrape it off with your nail when it's dry.


I made several and have different plans for each.


Here's one though, coordinating button magnet sets. You could also use them to gift some tags, or as business card holders. Perhaps gift card holders or jewelry tins. They'll be great to have around for wrapping on a whim.



embee said...

ooh i like! are they just altoid tins?

tinka stinka said...

mine are the newmans own mints, but i think they're the same size...

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