Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Craftilicious: Painted rocks

No really. I painted rocks. I figured, if she was going to play with them, they might as well be pretty.

I've been trying to do something crafty every day. Either something small, or a big project on my list. It gives me some creative time, and gets a lot of things marked off my 'to-make' list. Painted rocks weren't really on the list, but I saw something along the lines on Pinterest a while back and it all clicked now that my loves-the-outdoors girl is playing with them ALL DAY. Honestly, I don't know why I buy toys. So far the best investments have been a twelve dollar play tent, a twenty dollar table set she can draw on and free rocks. Awesome.

With these you can be as detailed as you want or keep it simple, they'll still look good. If you haven't painted rocks before, it's pretty therapeutic. AND you should definitely do it with your kids if they're old enough. Think about maybe some larger rocks you could give to grandparents as paperweights. They love that crap. I'm thinking of making some chevron pattern large rocks for friends. How cute would one of those be holding down all those bills you need to remember to pay?

Now here's the really important part: seal your rocks! Do it. I used a clear coat spray varnish. It locks in the paint and saves your hard work from being washed off after a day in the dirt.

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