Thursday, September 08, 2011

buttoned up

Since I've been feeling like uber crap the last couple of days, I decided to opt for an easy sort of craft to keep me from going crazy. A girl can only sleep and blow her nose so often.


I've had this idea in my mind for a while, and again having been so inspired by what is out there on the internetz, I thought I would delay no longer. The husband is a little freaked out by all things pink, so I'm leaning a lot more of the nursery decor to a much more subtle neutral pallet. Don't get me wrong, there's still a pink chair in there, but almost everything else will be less bold. Thus, the wooden and tan button assortment. {I threw a tiny little pink one in there for fun}.

This is a really simple project to do. Just start with a piece of linen {I doubled it up for added stability}, add your array of buttons and keep a needle and embroidery floss handy. I laid my design out freehand and then marked the button holes with a fine tip sharpie. I did loose my place from time to time, but don't stress about it, no one will even notice. Start to secure all your buttons using the floss.


Once I finished, I trimmed my linen down to fit the inside of the frames back cover. I used masking tape and pulled tightly to keep everything in place.


Add your design to your shadowbox frame and you have your final product:


And keep this in mind for Christmas presents. You could include something meaningful to the recipient, like a button from a wedding dress or a small photo decoupaged onto a flat button. You could make their initial or a small sillouette of their house. The possibilities are absolutely endless.


embee said...

i really love the house silhouette idea!!

daisygirl said...

Great idea! I have lots of old buttons I stole (with permission) from my mom!

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