Thursday, April 15, 2010

craft-along twenty ten: project two details

so we're off, for project number two: a is for apron. after unanimous vote, we're completing (hopefully) either a kitchen apron or a crafting/sewing apron.

you can use any tutorial or pattern you would like but i found two that might be useful.

crafty version
kitchen version

don't forget to join the flickr photo pool here. you can even post pictures mid-project. in fact, i think it would be amazing to get sneak peaks of your creations.

deadline for this one will be May (eek, already?!) 24th which seems like a lot of time, but we all know how it creeps up on us and we realize we have one weekend left to complete an entire project. of course, if you get yours done earlier feel free to blog about it!

if you're going to join in, please leave a comment here with your blog link, so we can all track your progress. thanks!


Kelly said...

i've already bled for this project, so i'm in.

Andrea said...

count me in. I am pumped because I just learned how to sew a ruffle.

Michelle said...

Oh- Kelli finished hers so fast I figured it was too late, but I'm in! I have the perfect pattern, too :)

Anonymous said...

So there! I made matching aprons for my daughter and eye last fall and would love to make a crafty version in fun spring/summer colors.

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