Sunday, December 18, 2005

never been a college graduate before

it's niiiiiiiice.

so thursday was my last exam, and friday i went in to do some freelance for a company downtown. nice part is they want me back monday and tuesday. already back contributing to the social economy.

friday we leave to go home for a week and a half and the awesome news is that our friends in florida will be back the same dates to visit family. we're already planning a day trip to nyc.

went to see chronicles of narnia. amazingly done. also bought a couple of the books on the way home. interested to reread the series since things are hard to remember when they span back to third grade.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats, my friend!! :) We have to go out and celebrate once the holidays are over. Merry Christmas to you and Hubby- safe travels! Give me a call when you get back in town.

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