Thursday, March 28, 2013

Organization ADD: The kitchen

It might look like a big hot mess with all these up-close photos, but I promise you my kitchen is organized. For the most part. There are drawers that are somehow overflowing with items, when just a year ago they were comfortably full. But I won't show you those... Instead, here are some of the more tidy areas.

Bowl and plate storage, and vintage Pyrex on display:

Stacking storage for cutting boards and muffin tins along with the pots and pans pull-out pantry which also hides the grocery list chalkboard:

The island storage that is constantly changing with the bebe's whims. Currently it's housing all my linens and plastic-ware for bebe-friendly play:

And this is our coffee/tea station, the newly organized spice drawer and my decorative platter storage {using a pot lid rack from IKEA}:

A couple of air-tight containers for the counter, and our family dry-erase meal planning board on the side of the refrigerator:

And here's my ingenious idea of using a magazine holder for roll storage, along with one of our less 'neat' drawers chuck full of silverware and chip clips:

Don't be afraid to use baskets in your kitchen cupboards to keep things concealed that you don't use often. Or use them to keep loose items in drawers from rolling around. We have a couple in a drawer to keep snack bars and bebe snacks at bay. And think outside the box for storage ideas. If you create multiple uses for one thing, than you won't feel bad about your purchase and you can just keep moving it around the house if you get bored like I do. I tend to reorganize everything every few months. 

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