Monday, March 11, 2013

Craftilicious: skeleton key necklace

A quick Pinterest project, originally here, is this awesome vintage key necklace.

It was a really quick project, and the next one I do {and there will be more} will probably include more colors and more coverage. This one I wanted to keep simple because I loved the top design so much. I used three colors of polish, and this small clamp which just made it easier to hold and stand the key for painting and drying.

You can find keys at your local flea market, and maybe even new ones at the big box home stores, but I've never looked so I can't confirm that. Mine are from a flea market. I bought several for just a couple of dollars. Score.

 And here's a photog hint. Below are two versions of the same photo. The left one was shot without any 'aids'. The right one was taken with the help of a piece of junk mail. Yes, junk mail. When you have a really dark heavy shadow from directional sunlight, it helps to hold up a white paper or envelope behind the object, so the light bounces off the paper and into the shadow. See, a more professional and bright image, voi la:

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