Wednesday, June 29, 2011

don't let your summer footwear flop

I know it's summer, it's hot and we're all so VERY tempted to buy shoes that cost about 1-5$ BUT let's not let that keep us from being cute and stylish. Rubber flip-flops are great for the pool, the beach, or if you're a frat girl. When you're 33 years old, not so much.

I bought two pair of flip-flops from Old Navy for about 5$ each. Mind you, they're already a half step above the rubber version, but I wanted something more. For less. The story of my life. So all you need is about a half hour per pair, some silk, beads/pearls, felt, hot glue gun and scissors.


Follow the tutorial here to make your flowers. This isn't the exact way I did mine, I did the circles and skipped the extra cuts, but I like her style flower as well. Then cut two felt circles and turn them into pacman. Glue the pacman mouth onto the underneath of your flip-flop straps. Then simply hot glue the flower onto the felt circle.


And look at that. You now have grown-up flip-flops. And for the sake of the tutorial, I'm showing you my sad in-desperate-need-of-a-pedicure feet.


Here's a second pair I did slightly different. Go with it, use your imagination and by all means, show me your nasty toes too!



embee said...

so cute!! i totally need to do this!! i even have an ON gift card....

Piper said...

I especially love the first one. It reminds me of a little nest with eggs. Too sweet!

daisygirl said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!! I just might do that to Layla's flip flops too!

Anonymous said...

pleasantly cute, cute, cute!!!

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