Wednesday, June 01, 2011

shop 'til you find cute shoes


That's always been my motto. But with all the great sales this past weekend, I even shopped after I found great shoes. Lots of new summer dresses and tops that will 'grow' with my belly. When a brand new item is less than three dollars, it's really hard to walk away. Darn you Old Navy, darn you and your fabulous sales.

These shoes came after a short search, from Marshalls, and are absolutely what I was looking for. The husband said to me as we were about to go out for the day: "Why are you wearing heels, are you nuts?" to which I replied, "They're actually really comfortable!" To which he responded: "Well in that case you can be pregnant in heels anytime!".

Welcome home my retro go-with-anything comfortable friends. You will be loved.


Melissa said...

Rock it, girl!

Anonymous said...

my pregnant SIL was still wearing heels in her 5th month... it wasn't until her 7th month that she quite wearing them- even now she wears 'stacked' heels... good for you!

daisygirl said...

I wore heels all three pregnancies the whole time-flats are against my religion. Those are super cute! LOVE a good pair of cute heels!!!

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