Saturday, June 04, 2011

a revamped dining room

Ok keep in mind that there is still SO much to do in this room. I'm really wanting to create a faux paneled wall with a chair rail, the bench is getting a redo soon and a new pad, and the dining table will move onto a better home as I search for something else white and inexpensive.

That being said, this really is a huge 'function' area for us. Basically J gets ready to walk out the door from here in the morning and there are lots of things to gather up and shoes to put on while I make breakfast.

Here's the before, I even left a dustbunny on the floor for you guys:

Well after a morning of reading and rereading IKEA directions, we have a new shoe cabinet and a more organized 'station':

This is perfect for us, because there's no chance the dog will ever attack my shoes again. Also, there's a handy small drawer for all J's things. Loose golf tees, small flashlight, wallets, etc.

And since I'm a girl who changes my mind a LOT, here's what it looked like yesterday:

and today:


embee said...

i love the print. want one!! it looks perfect hung on the wall like that. i didn't realize that shoe unit had a drawer for knick-knacks, now i really want one. :)

tinkstinks said...

How funny that I already printed you out one ;)

daisygirl said...

My house would be so bare without IKEA, and now they are making the one here in Ottawa to be the biggest one in Canada!!!! I cannot wait until it is done!

embee said...

YAY! btw there is a furniture place going out of business in waterbury, they are there for another week and they seem pretty desperate to get rid of stuff.

tinkerwhatwhat said...

it figures, i'm working all week!!

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