Friday, June 24, 2011

wearable summer

I saw these beautiful paper flowers in the craft store the other week and I instantly thought they would make fantastic jewelry. Well, my first thought was a ring, so I tested it out and realized what an epic fail that would be. One trip to the bathroom where you forget to take it off before washing your hands and it was ruined. So, my next thought was a necklace. As long as you don't swim, or shower, or dance in the rain with it on, it would survive.

And voi la, we have gorgeous neck wear:

I've attached each one to a white painted wooden circle for durability and comfort on your neck and then to a silver 18" chain. I'm asking $12 each {it includes shipping} and you can pay with paypal or check. I've already picked out mine {not pictured} so these are all the surplus. I'll take first come first serve, you just tell me which number you would like. I'll try to keep updated on which ones are spoken for as soon as they're reserved. If they don't all sell here, i'll move them over to my etsy site, but you guys get first dibs!

1 comment:

cheri said...

#5 is claimed

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