Tuesday, June 28, 2011

i saw it on the internetz

So here's a little project I spotted on the internet a few weeks ago. It made me stop and think, "Brilliant! What a space saver!". So I picked up the jar at Goodwill, and the topper votive holder at ACMoore and voi la! For $1.50 I have a great functional jar. Even the husband approved. In fact, I think he used the word 'neat'. Impressive.
This was my inspiration.

And since you guys are demanding house pictures: although I'm not the type who likes to show not-quite-finished projects, here's a picture of the baby's closet, sans drawer pulls. But I liked this unit, it was easy to assemble and install, and it's secured into the wall so little hands can't pull anything down. The rods are adjustable, so it would work for a smaller closet too. Also the shelves are movable, but once you move them they have screws to tighten and keep them from falling out.


IKEA suckered me into this soft {neutral} bunny. Shame on them.


And just because, I'm giving you a quick peak into a future post. These pots are from IKEA and I think they might be the most gorgeous thing I've ever found there. They're in the pots & plants section, but I've bought several for garbage cans, pencil tins, and yes, for plants. These are hosts to citronella candles right now and they look great when lit. You can find your own here.



embee said...

awww i love the bunny

noordinarysparrow said...

Cuddly soft stuffed animals always sucker you. Wait until you get to cuddly soft baby blankets. I LOVE the flower pots. I'm always on the lookout for trash cans that don't look so trash-canish. i really wish I lived by an IKEA, but maybe it's better if I don't. :)

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