Tuesday, June 21, 2011

it's about time

First off, apologies. You know why. I've had a crazy whirlwind couple of weeks and this week is proving no different. Most of my madness is self-induced, so no pity please. I may have some house progress photos for you soon, things are really starting to come together...

In the meantime, a post I promised: Dan & Bethany's engagement shoot. Well, a quick word about the couple: they're young, vibrant and so in love. I hate them. Kidding, kidding, they're both very wonderful smart sweet people and I know they'll be so happy together.

A little about the shoot: This engagement shoot was something to get us sort of warmed up for their wedding, next month. They had planned to come visit for a weekend, and of course, the weekend was wet and cold and not at all picture weather. BUT being, the young vibrant happy people they are, we all decided to give it a go regardless. They were really up for anything which makes my job easy. I gave them both leather boots and accessories and the rest of what you see was mostly picked up from flea markets and thrift stores. We picked daisies during the shoot and even ended up asking an old farmer if we could take a few shots around his farm. After he agreed he quickly added that the cows were already inside, fearing we would be disappointed by that information.

So although I didn't get the warm sunny day I had hoped for or the bright blue sky, I'm pretty happy with the photos. And they loved them, so that makes for a job well done in my mind.

Well, enjoy:



daisygirl said...

Since I'm originally from Illinois, I love the country setting! I miss the country. Great pics! I love her flower ring too.

tinkerwiththis said...

thank you thank you! the flower ring was made by me. they're paper though, so the ring idea turned out to be a bad one, but i've turned the rest of them into pendants. I'll be listing/blogging them soon if anyone wants to buy one. they are lovely, i'm keeping one for myself...

tinkerwiththis said...

paper ring, washing hands = bad idea.

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