Thursday, July 07, 2011

guest bedroom/craft room COMPLETE

So it is definitely nice to get a room completely finished. Here's the progression of the guest/craft room. Originally, the baby room was set to be the craft room but we all know what happened there! So using half of the guest bedroom was a good compromise. Here's the before with nasty carpet and dark woodwork:


And here's the same side with new paint, refinished hardwoods and all new painted trim work:


No one really needs a set of dressers for guests, so I opted for the bench with drawers, for guests who prefer to unpack some things. The closet is also empty and ready for guests, and there's plenty of extra sheets and blankets hanging around along with some lovely reading materials and candles.

The other side of the room houses all my craft supplies and tools nice and hidden in the two wardrobes we no longer needed for clothes. With some new drawers and shelves, I could give them a second life without having to be openly organized to visiting eyes. The desk is an old door from the demo, and the set of drawers was picked up at the thrift store for five dollars. After some paint on everything, I have a really great set-up for minimal cost. More money to spend on fabric...


And just for kicks, here's how big I am already:


1 comment:

noordinarysparrow said...

Love the craft closets. Organization is so lovely! Too bad I'm so bad at keeping it that way. Love the baby bump too. Are you feeling any movement yet?

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