Friday, July 15, 2011

vintage sheets: a quilted pillow cover

So I have a sick obsession with vintage sheets. I have a whole collection that I have no idea what to do with and yet every time I walk through a thrift store I find a beautiful new pattern or colorway and I just have to have it. That said, I've decided I'm finally going to make something out of them. All of them. For now, I sewed up this little number. I've had it in my head for weeks, as soon as I bought the embroidered pillow in front of it. I love the eclectic feel when you combine these mismatched fabrics together. I think it gives the guest bedroom a cottage-y, cozy sort of feel.


I did quilt it, but just with straight lines. I'm not that daring yet. I plan to make a vintage sheet quilt soon, and possibly one for the baby, depending on what we end up having. For now it makes me happy just to see this guy laying around.



Kelly said...

i love it! and straight line quilting can be daring, too!

daisygirl said...

That is SO beautiful!!! And some of those patterns on the sheets remind me of sheets we had growing up! What a beautiful idea!

judi said...

love how you mixed up the prints! if you're ever needing any vintage buttons, let me know.

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