Saturday, July 16, 2011

because I'm crafty like that

I decided I wasn't ready for maternity pants just yet, even though my belly seems so be. It's disconcerting to outgrow a size you've been for the last 15 years of your life, but I suppose everyone has to at some point. Maybe now I can stop shopping in the Junior's department.

For the time being, I plan to make my pants and shorts last as long as I can, so I came up with a clever and crafty way to do that. I give you the fabric covered button ponytail holder that used to keep all my random cords organized.


Now I have several to hold my pants up. This is good news, because I seem to be growing fast, and I'm a little shopped out presently {I didn't think it could ever happen either}. Here's how it works:


Don't judge me, my belly looks huge in this photo.


sherrybdunn said...

So clever! Wish I had these when I was pregnant!

noordinarysparrow said...

Just keep an eye on your zipper! They can slide down more easily this way. but it does help. Post pregnancy as well.

carrie said...

you crack me up!! huge, really, i think not!!! cute idea to get as much use at of your jeans as possible. is their anything cute and clever you don't think of!!?!

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