Wednesday, July 13, 2011

craft night: a GIVEaway


Yes, you read that right, I'm giving away my craft night craft that I slaved over! But seriously, I had a lot of fun making this bag and I think it came out lovely, so I want one of you to have it...even though I'm secretly warring with the I-want-to-keep-it fairy on my shoulder.

So here she is in all her wicker bag glory, complete with silk flowers and unique buttons. The inside is lined with a deep teal fabric. It's pretty perfect for the beach, large enough to fit your reading materials, sunscreen, flip-flops, etc., but small enough to make you look stylish and low-maintenance.





Ok, so the details. In order to win her, you can enter in the following ways:
{You get one entry per task completed, so be sure to comment here and tell me which ones you did.}

Become a follower of this blog.
Become a follower of my facebook fan page.
Become a follower of my photography fan page.
Leave a comment here {and please don't forget to tell me all the tasks you completed!}.

So the max number of entries you can get is 4. Make sense? I'll announce a winner on Monday, the 18th.

Good luck everyone, and just for 'kicks' here are the flip-flops I did lastnight:



tingala said...

Hey's our anniversary on July 31! Sarah would love this. Just sayin ;)

Anonymous said...

so- you made me do 3 things i usually don't do. i 'liked' both your facebook pages, AND started 'following' you on your blog( though i've been 'stalking' you for a while ;)) So, i guess that's 4 points! hope i WIN! the bag is ADORABLE!

Michelle said...

This is super cute! So here is my comment :)

I already liked your photography AND your craft site on FB
and now I follow you here.

Thanks for the giveaway. :)

Bumber's Bumblings said...

Okay, I'm officially a stalker, I get 4 points, because I WANT that bag :)

embee said...

you don't have to count my comment since i'm making a bag myself next week ;) but i wanted to tell you that i love how it came out!! i definitely need to spray mine, too.

daisygirl said...

I did all four! And if I win, I can have it mailed to a relative in the States so you don't have to mail to Canada.
I think the flip flops should come with the bag, since they coordinate and all...just saying. LOL

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