Wednesday, March 31, 2010

van go go go


did i mention my lovely outing to the metropolitan museum of art with a few friends last weekend. on saturday everyone traveled by train (except melissa who was already here) to spend the day strolling through the halls of the met and enjoying some chilly nyc air.
it really was a great time but my feet were killing me by the end of the day. still, a fantastic way to spend a saturday. thanks ladies! (not pictured is Kass because of course, she was behind the lens...)
oh and last week i also went to a taping of jimmy fallon with mel where we got to see janet jackson and my favorite john cena. it was an interesting way to spend an otherwise boring tuesday! thanks for the tickets mel!


Sizzledowski said...

You're very welcome! I had a ton of fun except when we were treated like 3 year olds by the Mall Cops in Rockefeller. :)

Nice pic of me. Way to get my good side.

Kelly said...

have i at all mentioned lately how i hate you all? every last one of you? cause i do.

btw, did you leave me a seat?

embee said...

i love john cena too, was so jealous when mel said he was going to be one of the guests.

also jealous i couldn't make it. :(

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