Monday, March 15, 2010

craft-along twenty ten: project one progress

look how great the camera straps turned out!!

oh wait, you can't, because i forgot my memory card and reader this morning. along with my phone. grr. it was one of those mornings.

but the point is i was so excited about making the strap(s) that i jumped the gun this weekend. honestly, with free time, i need to take it where i have it because you never know when it's going to show it's lovely face again. so a weekend full of rain and 75mph winds was a good excuse to waste away the days indoors.

i have to say, i was all gung ho for the permanent strap BUT after battle wounds to both me and my stitch-ripper trying to take apart the old camera strap, i think i much prefer the temporary strap. {oh, did i mention i made both?} AND i like that you do have options to change it up when you feel the urge. all in all i made some modifications to the temporary strap along the way, but the permanent one was pretty much step by step tutorial. i'll explain more when i have the photos. it'll make more sense.

i'm pretty happy with both of them, and plan to make more {temporary versions} for my not-planned-as-of-yet tinkerwiththis home party. along with all those makeup pouches, i should have a pretty stocked inventory!

so anyone else get started??


Melissa said...

Kelly bought the fusible fleece. And we're trying to schedule our 3-Mamas-Sew-Along.
Does that count as "starting"??
Happy Monday to ya!

tinkhomie said...

it certainly does! i find the best thing to do is use your fusible interface as the actual template. so easy!

good luck!!

embee said...

i picked up some fabric scraps in a bin at joann's when i was there last week. i plan to start cutting tomorrow night during LOST. i won't beusing the fusible fleece though, i'm cheap.

how about a button for our blogs, when we post about ours? and you need to create a flickr group for all our creations. get with it stinker.

tinkhomie said...

oooh, good idear.

here it is:

Kelly said...

yeah, and when i bought the fusible fleece, i bought my fabric that i'll use...greens and browns. i'm excited about it. i've already washed the fabric, i just have to get it all ironed and cut out.

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