Monday, March 22, 2010

life's a beach


yes, it was that nice on saturday. after a day of sun and warmth, my skin was feeling noticeably better. the husband observed that it might be medically necessary for me to live by the ocean. i'd like a prescription for that.



embee said...

I have a friend who got a weird rash and a steroid was the only thing that could get rid of it. Then the dr recommended he get more sun. Took his rash away! He gets it every winter now and then spends more time in the sun to help it go away.

What beach did you guys go to? Somewhere in Milford?

Melissa said...

J took a good picture of you digging in the sand! :o) I love the piggy-tails and the pink bows...really shows how you like to celebrate spring!
The sun and the sand sure makes you look younger! :o)

daisygirl said...

Could it be you are vitamin D deficient like most North Americans? Ah, the sun sounds good about now-at least all our snow is finally gone, now we have mud.

carrie said...

so fun!! i loved saturday!! a perfect day with perfect weather and awesome friends!!:)

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