Wednesday, March 03, 2010

talk people, i'm bribing you


so here it is. enter to win. yep. i'll be randomly picking a winner from the comments on this blog as i often do. this time you'll get your own set of fridge clip magnets (have to come up with a better name there) and i'm even going to include a set of chip clips that i've made along the same theme (not pictured though, and not magnetic...).


and to make sure you have enough to talk about, i'm including this awful picture of me: (it's bad right?) so this kills two birds with one photo. one, i'm finally showing you my haircut from oh, four months ago AND two, i'm showing you the flower i was inspired by kelly to make. although hers is much cuter. i'm still deciding if the flower in the hair is a little childish, or a lot childish. of course you could always do something fun like this tank. there are so many possibilities really. think belt ribbon, tank tops, headbands, pins, pins on bags etc etc. i'll definitely be making more as soon as i can track down some good thin fabric.


and one more photo to make ABSOLUTE sure you comment and enter, yes, you. this was taken outside of central park last week when we had that crazy dumping of snow, yet again. i didn't mess with the color on this. everything was blue, it was the most surreal fantastical thing ever. well, when it comes to snow anyway.


Cherry said...

dude i want a flower headband like that! i love flowers and headbands!!

and even though I hate snow thats a pretty picture!!

Jennifer and Maddy said...

i simply love your hair short. always have, always will.

Kelly said...

i found the BEST fabric at the cotton shop in redondo beach the other day - it's a fabulous fabric shop that i went to with jen and melissa.

anyways, it's simply shabby chic fabric, like the brand from target. and it was really thin and wispy, but maybe too floppy for your cute little flowers?

Heather said...

First- I made an appointment (june 5th) to cut my hair super short again. It's been longer for 2+ years and I'm so excited to look like me again! You look lovely!:)

Second- PICK ME! Do you know how much crap Danny brings home from school now? I'd give those clips a good home.

Hope you both are well!

PS- are you coming up here any time to visit?

Emily said...

I have nothing to say except I WANT!

Anonymous said...

Definitely childish, but not "too" childish. I like.

And those clips want to live with me. Emily can make her own.


daisygirl said...

Love the headband-have thought about making some for Layla and for me too. Have to find time to go to the fabric store though. Saw one in a recent Avon catalog that was kind of golden fabric-very nice. Love the snow pic, love the snow anyway, although I am more than ready for SPRING!

tinker stinker said...

heather - thanks! there's something freeing about getting back to the short hair...maybe we'll visit for easter?

kelly - the floppier the better! make some for kendal...she'd look adorable.

jen - much love!

to all the pccboard peeps, thanks for visiting!

carly - i didn't think canada had spring. i thought it was winter and almost winter?!

tinker stinker said...

oh and i'll be announcing the winner on monday. (minor detail)

Teddy Bear said...

You are SO creative! I wish I had some of your creativity. Great job on the everything...the flower is really, really pretty!

Jstcurious said...

I wish I was half as creative as you are! Your creations are so artistic. I would love to have the clips for my fridge. :)


Anonymous said...

i love your headband! it reminds me of the lovely ones by Bando. but they don't have big pretty fabric flowers like yours!!

Andrea said...

that last photo is amazing. Adam and I almost made it to NYC later this month for a quick childless get-a-way, but alas, Boston was much cheaper.
Love the flower head band, and I think your short hair is stylish and flattering.

Anonymous said...

hey sis -i showed the girls at work the snow photo.They all said you should sell your prints,lol.thats really what they said.Luv ya...we all miss u guys and the girls say hi.

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