Monday, March 08, 2010

camera strap sew-along

i've been itching to make my very own patchwork camera strap. i mean, please, when i pack, the list is like: underwear, toothbrush, camera. and sometimes i even forget the toothbrush. but seriously, my camera is like my child, so to make it a pretty custom strap only seems fair.

now i know a lot of you have recently gotten yourselves some pretty fancy cameras. that probably have big boring black straps. SO i really want this to be a community sew-along kind of thing. plus, i need someone pushing me to make it. who's in?? i would need posts that either document your progress OR the final product.

just to give you some options and easy instructions, i found this tutorial at 'crap i've made' for a permanent strap or this tutorial from fabric family fun for a removable strap. {for those of us who can't commit.}

come on, who's in?!


embee said...

I got one for myself from shey b on etsy that is a strap slipcover. I love it, but was disappointed because I realized that I could have made it myself.

I will totally join you and I'll make a slipcover. I have seen char's tutorial at crap I made but I think I'd have to buy one to take apart, and I def am not into that.

Melissa said...

Yeah...the removable one...because I can't commit.
I'm afraid I'd have a hard time committing to the fabric, too! I will admit that it looks like something I could actually FINISH, though...unlike some other project I can't seem to finish. (sigh)

What's our deadline? Because you know I need a deadline!

Kelly said...

i'm in?????? i'd really love to do this, and never even thought about that, but what a great way to personalize such a plain black strap!

we'll see if i actually follow through...and i would definitely do the removable.

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