Thursday, March 11, 2010

jiggly be gone

anyone who knows me would never say i 'needed' to go to the gym. i've been skinny my whole life, not counting those freshman 15 about, oh, fifteen years ago. BUT i just didn't feel "in shape". you know, things were jiggling on a rare outdoor run {that could only last about ten minutes}. sure i could do a few pushups here and there but i missed feeling strong. i felt sloppy.

i'd been trying to keep up the strength with random workouts here and there, but like anything, without repetition you don't see results. that went on for months. so i didn't really think i would see a big difference from the gym but i knew it was 'needed', even if i was the only one who thought so.

i'm happy to say i'm seeing big differences in my body already. things that used to hang are now less hangy and things that jiggled are less jiggly. i feel stronger and i'm already noticing my strength and endurance are improving. as much as i hemmed and hawed about spending too much on a membership here in the city, i really do LOVE it. i love the gym. and i just wanted to tell you all that. nyc people NEED the gym because really, what do we do besides all that walking? we're cramped into tiny trains and tiny offices and tiny apartments all our lives!


Heather said...

Well, I do *need* the gym thanks to carrying and birthing the two rugrats running around my house. ;)

But it's only now, almost 4 years after D was born, that I'm back in a routine of going to the gym at least 3x a week for Spin class and weight lifting. I feel so so so much better all around- it's amazing!

Keep up the good work!

daisygirl said...

With three kiddos and Danny's schedule, I don't have time to GO to the gym. But I have started doing P90X. I am on week eight starting this coming week and have been very consistent. Was just doing elliptical before. I am happy to say I am smaller than I was my freshman year in college-even after 3 babies! I like the weight training in P90X. I agree with you-it feels good to be back at it.

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