Wednesday, April 26, 2006

v. bad day

weight: not sure as haven’t eaten anything in the past 12 hours, assume to have lost 2 pounds
cigarettes: 0, since don’t smoke but almost wish did for one fleeting moment
visits to ER: 1

6:00 am: funny stomach cramps from saturday still not gone, will skip workout and sleep them off. sushi = bad.

7:00 am: cramps still there but will get to work as feel better really

9:00 am: have just had breakfast and annoying sushi-related cramps are back. will call doctor.

9:15 am: have doctor appointment @2:15. (hope will not have to wait entire hour to be seen as usual)

2:15 pm: doctors office. have to wait entire hour to be seen as usual.

3:15 pm: may possibly have appendicitis or tubular pregnancy which either ignored will surely end up in death. since do not want to die, will go to ER for ct scan since imaging office will close soon. poop.

3:30 pm: blood work taken, ouch. pregnancy test negative, phew.

4:30 pm: picked up jeans and book from home, heading to husband’s office, who has kindly agreed to leave work and come to ER in scuzzy city with me.

6:00 pm: starving, have not eaten anything since lunch and even then only teeny tiny clif bar. am hating energy bars and sick people.

7:30 pm: only three hours to actually get bed in hospital, since of course, seeing welfare recipient with head cold is actually more important than bleeding finger chopped off man in waiting room. poor bleeding man.

8:00 pm: still starving. but now have lovely iv hooked into arm to slowly pour water into body since am not apparently capable of doing this myself (am totally capable of course).

9:00 pm: still starving.

9:30 pm: still starving but get wonderful stingingly metallic drink to swallow due to test to be performed in 1-2 hours from finishing nasty drink.

11:00 pm: back from weird rotating testing tube in which my body was inserted and removed and inserted again several times. breath, hold breath, breath, hold breath, etc.

11:30 pm: do not indeed have appendicitis. get antibiotic in arm for bacterial infection (which upon further research into the actual cause of, know DO NOT have said bacteria. at which point am v. v. upset about having to cry over really bad long needle in arm muscle).

12:00 am: discharged from hospital knowing exactly what i knew 8 hours ago, which is nothing. i have nothing. except for some useless antibiotics floating around in my body. so the good news is i get to keep my appendix and my tubes. and from now on promise not to eat sushi prepared in gorcery store. (also had to take day off from work to be able to sleep for ten hours, clean house and watch movie with husband. hoorah.)


Sara said...

You made my day seem so pleasant in comparison. That was awful! Are you at least feeling better now?

tinker said...

yes! this was monday and after my day of rest yesterday i'm feeling very well. i almost just wish i would ignore my body sometimes and let it do it's own thing.

Heather said...

Wow!! that IS a Horrible day, ug, I'm so sorry, glad it's not and appendix though.

embizzzzzle said...

yuck stinker. what did you do to your body to deserve that.

glad you're a little better now. keep resting. :)

Kelly said...

Sounds like a blast! Glad you're feeling better ;)!

sizzle said...

wow. glad you are ok and that you aren't bringing any spawn into the world. CLOSE ONE!

Heather said...

Oh no..hope you're feeling better!

tinker said...

* update *
apparently i have developed some sort of allergy to rubbing alcohol in which case there are rashes located everywhere they poked me with needles. lovely. also, may still be some weird fluke appendix thing and will see a surgeon in the next couple of weeks for a console. oh just take the stupid thing out already, right? thanks for all the well wishes!

jen said...

hey bridget
glad you're feeling better!
try to keep your appendix if you can... there is no such thing as a useless organ so don't let them fool you

jen said...

hey bridget
glad your feeling better

try to keep your appendix if you can... there's no such thing as a useless organ so don't let them fool you

jen said...

nice so now you have it twice!
damn internet

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