Monday, April 03, 2006

on a one-hour delay

seriously? stayed up late to watch Grey’s. worth every minute of lost sleep. *spoiler alert* chris o’donnel = delicious. these next few episodes have a lot of promise. in my world anyway.

of course we completely forgot about the time change this weekend. showed up at the end of church. second year in a row. so we booked out of there before anyone could see us and point and laugh.

two new goals: get to bed by 10 every night. get to the gym by 7 every morning.
we’ll see. 21 days right. starting tonight.

check out the new header designed by yours truly: letter to the world, as soon as she gets it up there.


embizzzzzle said...

love the new header. maybe i'll have to hit you up for one too. i'll pay you with a gavin degraw cd, and madonna's immaculate collection cd. :)

tinker said...

i have the first one and i'm not even sure i actually want the second one. although, old school madonna is all nostalgic and vintage. like a prayer baby.

embizzzzzle said...

aww way to kill my offer. man girl. you suck. do you like country? i have tons of country i haven't given you. because i didn't think you liked it. actually meant to give you chris tomlin, but i forgot that one. oops.

Kelly said...

You know, alot of people think that Grant looks like Chris O'Donnell. I don't really see it, but they're both hot, so it doesn't really matter.

So Chris is on Grey's now? I might need to start watching it again!!

tinker said...

you don't need to bribe me or pay me. i'll get you one asap! (though nobody loves free music more than me)

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