Thursday, April 06, 2006

down at the corner wong

i got up early. i didn't want to. oh, i so didn't want to. i wanted to lay snuggled in bed next to my warm husband under the warm covers inside my warm room. but i got up. i knew this would be hard, but gosh already. anyway, hit the gym and everything. woohoo. and for my big fat reward at the end of my big fat first week i plan to eat a big fat piece of chocolate cake (minus the guilt). sure, i could eat one whenever my 110 pound butt (buttocks for sarah) wanted to, but saving it as a reward just gives me something to look forward to.

i spent lunch at the small business office. i would have had more luck talking to Mr. Hong down at the corner take-out (food and advice, what gives...). i need to talk to someone who's actually started their own business and can give me advice and relevant stories, not joe mc'schmoe who tells me endless stories of his daughter's fitness business (which would be OK if he made them applicable to me, which he didn't). oh well, he's still a nice flushed irishman with lots of stories. which does nothing for my situation.


Sara said...

Hehe, she said buttocks. :) Enjoy your reward!

embizzzzzle said...

fitness business = opening a curves??

mom said...

hey sweetie,
i figured you might get this before an email. Jim and I are fine. The camper burned to the ground last night. We are staying at Randi's house and you can call me here.
love you.

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