Thursday, April 13, 2006

day fourteen. million.

it feels like it anyway. so tired. BUT energized at the same time, really weird.

tonight i need to clean clean clean. it's a mess and it's freaking me out. dishes, laundry, floors, etc. and etc. i also plan to try to make this cute necklace i saw the other day. looks easy enough. we'll see. and i need to paint my toenails! this nice weather has had me pulling out the comfy bass sandals, but my toes looks like crap. (not to mention my skin is still white as a ghost that just saw a ghost.) (oh and i plan to reorganize the laundry room as read on real simple this morning.) and charge the phone and the ipod, so much to do...

current listening: missy higgins.
currently reading: nothing even though several books are waiting patiently on my shelf.
current mood: meh. but the day's not over yet.

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